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Kurt Electronics provides precision gaging systems from simple benchtop stations to multi-featured measuring machines. Our precision gaging systems are designed and built to include SPC technology, standard modular gaging components, full Windows-based Statistical Process Control software (KurtSPC), SPC data collection tools, industrial oem computers and direct USB gage interface.
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KurtSPC Premium Software
KurtSPC Premium is a comprehensive SPC data collection control software package designed for operator ease of use in manufacturing, lab settings, and shop floor data collection.  KurtSPC Premium provides full variable and attribute charting, real-time statistics, pareto analysis, SPC quality control checks and gage system and machine studies.
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-Software > Numerical Analysis
-Test and Measurement > Metrology

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KurtUSB Modules
KurtUSB data collection modules can turn any PC into a machine control or gaging system with Kurt's powerful and flexible SPC technology package.  Just connect KurtUSB precision gaging modules to your PC, plug in and turn on your LVDT and you are ready to calibrate. KurtUSB even has DC I/O supply modules and can eliminate the need for PLC's and relay logic circuits. The user can control multiple devices from a single PC.  In conjunction with KurtSPC, KurtUSB precision gaging products provide the ability to collect data and graph results on all process related events. This makes 100% inspection possible using real time data analysis rather than just collecting results.

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KurtICS Industrial Computers
KurtICS Industrial computers are sealed for the toughest shop environments.  Fully IBM compatible, they can be purchased as a stand alone industrial computer or as a complete ICS package to include the KurtUSB modules and KurtSPC data collection software.
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-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Environmental Instruments and Equipment

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Probes/LVDT Transducers
Kurt offers a variety of pneumatic and digital probes.
-Sensors and Transducers > Linear Position Sensors
-Test and Measurement > Sensing and Measurement Instruments

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Kurt custom gaging solutions
Kurt Electronics designs and builds custom gaging solutions for the automotive, medical, can, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.  We can design both manually loaded and fully automated in-line precision gaging systems to meet your production needs.
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Inspection Tools
-Scientific Instruments > Test Equipment
-Test and Measurement > Metrology

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