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Nikon Instruments Inc.
Nikon is a leading supplier of precision optical and digital imaging products for inspection, non-contact measuring, biological research and laboratory applications.


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Nikon Instruments for Biomedical & Industrial Applications
Nikon Instruments features a variety of precision measurement and laboratory instruments: SMZ-Series stereomicroscopes, Nexiv and iNexiv vision measurement sytems, inverted microscopes, and i-Series upright microscopes. 
-Test and Measurement > Laboratory Equipment
-Test and Measurement > Machine Vision
-Test and Measurement > Metrology

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Nikon Digital Sight Series Digital Camera Systems
Nikon’s trademark photographic expertise extends to a series of digital camera systems specially optimized for microscopy. The line covers a variety of applications, from biological to industrial use, and from high-level research to simple capture of inspection results.
Coupled with NIS-Elements Software, Nikon's intuitive interface for full spectrum camera control from simple image capture and databasing to live cell image acquisition and RAM capture.
-Scientific Instruments > Imaging

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Nikon CFI60 Optics for Biological Applications
The acclaimed CFI60 infinity optical system - the ultimate in optical performance and system flexiblity.
-Optical Components > Optical Components

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Optical Components
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Sensors and instruments for capturing images for evaluation and analysis, including images in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths.
Test and Measurement
Laboratory Equipment
Instruments used to test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data in laboratory and other testing situations.
Machine Vision
Systems using optical, video and computer hardware for automated inspection and measurement in production environments.
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