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Seedorff ACME Welding

Seedorff Welders is committed to providing quality, cost effective solutions for metal joining applications. Seedorff, having merged with the ACME Electric Welder Co., has manufactured and supplied the highest quality resistance welding equipment for over 85 years.  Experience the highest quality in resistance welding machines including: spot welders, inverter welders, rocker arm welders, seam welders, gun welders, robot gun welders, transgun welders, press welders, projection welders, ped welders, butt welders and multi-head welders.

Address 1338 N. Knollwood Circle
Anaheim, CA 92801
Country United States
Telephone 866-737-9353
Fax 714-252-5335
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Seedorff Rocker Arm Spot Welding Machine

Product Information
 Versatile, Economical, Durable. SEEDORFF and ACME Rocker Arm Welders are designed to provide a production solution at an affordable price. We manufacture every Rocker Arm Welder with leading Components to ensure little or no down-time. 
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Rocker Arm Spot Welders
Rocker Arm Spot Welders
Rocker Arm Spot Welders
Welding Transformer
 • Dual Voltage 230 or 460 • Stacked Iron Core 
 • Internally Water-Cooled • Efficient Design 
Welding Control
 • Microprocessor Driven • Upslope / Downslope 
 • Quench & Temper • Pulsation 
 • Easy Component Access • Solid-State Water-Cooled SCR 
 • Water-Cooled Secondary • Heavy Gauge Welder Frame 
 • Air Pressure Regulator with Gauge • Coalescing Air Filter 
 • No-lube Pneumatic System • Easily Accessible Electric Valves 
 • Multi-Function Foot Switch • Adjustable Lower Horn 
 • Ejector-Type Electrode Holders • Easy Two-Wire Installation  

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