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Golfang Mfg. & Development Co., Ltd. is  a manufacturer of Injection Blow Molding Machine and Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine in Taiwan. We're aware of the problem of high expenses and difficulties of changing molds, and we endeavor to provide a solution for our customers to save money and change the molds in a easy, safe way. Keeping this in mind, we've developed a series of injection blow molding machines to sovle the problem. Please visit our website for more details and information, and also you're most welcom to contact us at any time!

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Injection Blow Molding Machine - GF/IB Series
  1. Golfang's machine is most suitable for manufacturing high quality and high standard products, such as PC baby bottles, since its byproducts have smooth-even mouth, great sealing, round and smooth body and bottom, no seam mark and superior quality.
  2. The mold design adopts the method of common mold base. Only by changing the mold parts, the product's shape, weight, or even the length can be changed. Thus, it reduces the mold cost on manufacturing a wide range, but low volume of different applications. It also saves time on mold alignment and doesn't require great expertise on mold changeover.
  3. The mechanical design of Golfang's injection blow molding machine is based on the blueprint of general- purpose injection molding machine. Hence, with general knowledge of injection molding machine, any people can competently operate and maintain Golfang's machine.
  4. Applied materials include PC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PETG, AS, PMMA, K-RESIN, TPR, and PET.
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