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Cascade TEK provides enviromental testing services such as vibration, shock, thermal shock, temperature, humidity, UV exposure, salt-fog, altitude, transportation simulation and dust exposure testing on a wide variety of products.

Cascade TEK also manufactures custom vacuum drying ovens designed to automatically execute a precise drying process under vacuum.


Environmental Testing Services

Custom Vacuum Drying Ovens

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Vibration Testing Services
Cascade TEK is an A2LA Accredited testing lab equipped to perform vibration testing on a wide variety of products, to a wide variety of industry specifications.  Experts in "shake and bake" - combined temperature and vibration testing, as well as Random, Sine, Sine on Random, SRS shock, sawtooth and half sine shock profiles, transportation simulation vibration and resonance search and dwell vibration profiles.
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SVO-9 Vacuum Drying Oven
Cascade TEK's SVO-9 is a large, 9 cubic foot vacuum drying oven designed to automatically execute your unique drying process.  Controls are automated for easy push button operation.  Vacuum levels in  10-6  range, temperature to 260C.  Data logging automatically tracks temp and vacuum during the process.  Gas analysis can measure outgassing rates of components during process to insure complete drying.
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