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HG TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. is a professional team dealing with designing, marketing and manufacturing of tungsten steel milling cutter. We serve extensive range of industries comprises electronic parts, aviation & space industrial parts, opto-electronics items, precision mold, medical equipment, etc. Our company has been constantly developing products that are more precise with longer duration. Doubling customers' processing efficiency and enhancing product quality are our business operational goals.
Products End Mills, Carbide End Mill
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End Mills Series

The entire HGT series is made of imported tungsten steel round stick, under computerized procedure for strict quality control. SMG series has advantages as extra- hardness, strength, toughness, high wear-proof ability, which enables high-speed, precise cutting and processing with High Speed M/C. MG series is ideal for cutting of general steel and soft materials, with excellent precision and wear-proof ability.

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