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Advanced Inspection Technologies is Proud to Provide the Advanced iTool Videoscope Inspection System.

The iTool is the most advanced and portable Videscope in The World!

Designed to inspect remote areas such as turbines, boiler tubes, heat exchagers and other hard to inspect areas.


AIT also offers Videoscope Rental

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Five different flexible fiberscope diameters and a wide selection of flexible fiberscope lengths mean that there’s an AIT industrial flexible fiberscope for just about every flexible fiberscope application. Our flexible fiberscopes have been designed to provide the highest quality image and are capable of withstanding the toughest industrial inspection environment.


AIT also offers fiberscope Rental

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-Test and Measurement > Sensing and Measurement Instruments
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Advanced inspection technologies offers a superior line of the high resolution industrial borescopes.

A borescope is the best choice when access to the area being inspected is can be achieved in a straight path. Superior rigid borescope instruments use the high quality optical lens systems. Borescope tools are available in a range of diameters from 1.7mm to 10mm (0.066" to 0.393") and a wide variety of lengths to best meet your borescope inspection requirements.


AIT also offers fiberscope Rental

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Infrared Camera Systems

The VisIR 640 infrared camera is a high resolution predictive maintenance thermal camera with a 640x480 un-cooled focal plane array detector for excellent image clarity.


AIT also offers Infrared Camera Rental

-Scientific Instruments > Test Equipment
-Test and Measurement > Non-destructive Testing Equipment
-Video and Imaging > Video Cameras and Accessories

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Foreign Object Search and Retrieval Tools

It can happen... Even the smallest objects can cause large expenses for your facility. Our Foreign Object Search And Retrieval (FOSAR) tools, Loose Parts Retrieval Tools, Foreign Material Exclusion Retrieval Tools (FME) and Foreign Object Debris Retrieval Tools (FOD) will locate and remove foreign material from your system. AIT boasts the widest range of retrieval tools in the industry.

Loose parts and foreign materials are a reality of nearly every plant outage and turnaround. A dropped wrench, bolt or other foreign object can be catastrophic to system integrity and plant safety. Industrial plants on the cutting edge of technology use foreign material search and retrieval to ensure a safe startup.

Our Retrieval tools will remove foreign materials, and provide you with peace of mind. Call AIT To Purhcase or for Rental of these tools.


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