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Zhejiang Dewei Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., LTD
Zhejiang Dewei Cemented Carbide Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in the manufacturing of electric hammer drill bits and tungsten/cemented carbide(including but not limited to tungsten carbide tips, carbide pins, carbide rods, carbide buttons, carbide flats and carbide tubes etc), all of which can be provided with excellent quality and competitive price.The products we supplied can produced according to your special requirement. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact with me. You may be assured that your inquiries will receive our prompt and careful attention.

Tungsten carbide products including tunsten carbide rods/bars, carbide tips, carbide inserts, carbide flates, carbide pins, carbide blanks etc.

Electric hammer drill bits including SDS Plus, SDS Max, masonry drill bits, chisels, hole-saws etc.

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tungsten carbide rods
The preformed Sintered-HIP tungsten carbide rods can be manufactured strictly to your drawings and requirement. Available in premium submicron, medium and large grains sizes. Our products are shipped both as performs and grinding finished products. The grinding finished rods can reach your tolerance standard strictly for our centerless grinding, limited surface grind and our strict inspection. We are in great confidence we can supply the satisfy quality products to you. If there are any opportunities for us to cooperate, please contact with me directly at any time. And also we sincerely welcome your visitation to our website at


Look forward to the reply from you. If possible, we would like to send some samples to you for quality testing. In this way, you can get a clear idea about our quality. Your inquiry will receive our prompt and careful attention.


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Tungsten carbide buttons
The grades of our Carbide products almost cover all the grades mentioned in the ISO.  The quality of our products exceeds the standard of the ISO, for the application of the up-to-date technology HIP-sintering and other advanced technologies, the carbide Buttons are sintered by HIP-sintering and hot processed, which make them very excellent in all the properties and also can be produced according to your requirement
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