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Tech-Sonic, Inc.

Global supplier of standard & custom, manual & automated ultrasonic metal welders for nonferrous & dissimilar metals including, but not limited to, aluminum, brass, copper. The company was formed 1996. World headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, with additional manufacturing facilities in Korea and China.

Tech-Sonic’s Falcon welding machines are now integral in the manufacture of wiring harnesses, automotive components, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, lithium batteries, electronic assemblies and IT applications.

Customers include Delphi, Lear, Yazaki, Sumitomo, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, Samsung and LG, among others.


Industrial ultrasonic metal welding equipment: Ultrasonic metal welder, wire termination welder, aluminum welder, wire splice welder, tube sealer welder, spot and seam welding systems and replacement tooling manufacturered to OEM specifications.


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Falcon-20W Wire Splice Welding System

Tech-Sonic’s industrial wire harness solution provides connections of superior quality that deliver enhanced productivity and cost efficiency. The wire bundles it produces are typical for the automotive, aircraft, computer and consumer electronics industries, and for other process control and industrial instrument applications. Splice range:  0.5 mm2 to 28 mm2

This bench-top, compact, modular system is small and lightweight (only 7.5" wide; 27 pounds), it can be easily added to a manufacturing line.

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Falcon-K Tube Sealing Welding System
The Falcon-K is a 20 kHz portable ultrasonic tube sealer for copper and aluminum tubes. It seals, or seals and cuts, tubes with cross-sections of 2 to 12 mm used for charge and injection tubes in air conditioner and refrigeration systems and for capillary and bulb temperature sensors.
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Falcon-20, 35 & 40 Spot Welding Systems

Tech-Sonic’s three spot welder systems are ideal for a variety of electronics, from delicate, small guage parts to heavy duty applications. Three welder systems  provide connections of superior quality that deliver the enhanced productivity and cost efficiency of industrial ultrasonic welding.

These welding systems join similar and dissimilar metals in strong, lasting, metallurgic welds with high conductivity results. The bonds are typically stronger than soldered- or resistance-welded joints. No pre-treatment needed to weld tin-coated or oxidized wires

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Ultrasonic Tooling

We offer new horns, anvils, converters and boosters for our machines as well as for other manufacturers, including Stapla (Shunk) and AmTech, among others.

Many items can be refurbished. We’ll re-face and re-tune your existing tooling to OEM specifications for a fraction of the cost of new tooling.

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