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Helicoil Singapore Thor International are specialists in fastening solutions, with extensive experience in screw thread insert systems. We are the main authorised distributor of Helicoil screw thread inserts & tools in the Asia Pacific region and we have in stock, the biggest & widest range of Helicoil  inserts & tools available anywhere in Singapore & in the region, ready for immediate shipping.

We distribute the complete range of Helicoil  screw thread inserts & tools from leading manufacturers such as Emhart Technologies USA & Bollhoff Germany and countries we export to include Malaysia (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Selangor, Penang etc), Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia (Batam, Jakarta), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi), Philippines, India, China (Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou), Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Dubai, UAE, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and the Middle East.

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Helicoil Nitronic Screw Thread Inserts, Helicoil Thread Repair Kits


About Helicoil Screw Thread Inserts:


Helicoil (also known as Heli-serts/Heliserts) inserts are available in free running and screw-lock forms and they come in a comprehensive range of lengths, materials, and platings. They provide the hole with smooth free running threads when installed.


Helicoil screw thread inserts are precision formed screw thread coils worked into a diamond shape. This wire is then wound into a spiral coil which when installed into Helicoil tapped holes, provides a permanent conventional 60 deg internal screw threads. Helicoil screw thread inserts provide a positive means for protecting and strengthening tapped threads in any material.


Helicoil wire thread inserts have an extensive background of tension, torque, shear, vibration and fatigue tests conducted by American industrys leading companies as well as the U.S. Military.

Successful applications in the fields of aviation, electronics, industrial, automotive and military equipment provide a wealth of experience and confidence in the performance and reliability of Helicoil wire thread inserts.


Helicoil Screw Thread Insert Types:


Helicoil Insert Types Include Helicoil Free Running, Helicoil Screw Lock (Thread Locking), Helicoil Tangless, Helicoil Oversize Inserts, Helicoil Twinserts, Helicoil Nitronic, Helicoil Inconel, Helicoil Phosphor Bronze, Helicoil Nimonic, Helicoil Dry Film Mollylube, Helicoil Cadmium.  


Helicoil inserts are supplied according to aerospace and defence standards including FAA, SBAC, MS, MA, AS, AGS, NASM, NAS, MS, DIN and LN and to suit specifications of standards such as NASM33537, superseeds MS33537. Helicoil quality programs are ensured to meet industry standards of AS 9100, TS16949, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001.

Helicoil inserts and tooling comply with the following standards and specifications:
MS 122076, NASM 122076 thru MS 122275, NASM 122275. Insert, corrosion resistant Helical Coil Coarse Thread Inch Series
MS 124651, NASM 124651 thru MS 124850, NASM 124850. Insert, corrosion resistant Helical Coil Fine Thread Inch Series
MS21209, NASM 21209. Insert Screw Thread Self Locking Inch Series
MS 33537 , NASM 33537. Insert – Standard Dimensions, Assembly
NASM 8846. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil
MA1565. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil Metric Series

MA1567. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil Metric Series, Standard Dimensions, assembly
MA3279, 3280, 3281. Insert, Screw Thread, Helical Coil Metric Series, Screw Locking
A-A-59158. Tools for inserting and extracting Helical Coil Inserts

FED-STD-H28. Screw Thread Standards for Federal/Services
AS3094 thru 3097, AS3080 thru 3083. Special Locking Torque Inserts


Helicoil Standards


ISO 9002:1994 EN 9002: 1994, ISO9002:1994 EN 002:1994,BS5750:PT2:1987QAS, 3137/7,QAS 3138/8 QAS 3640/65,CAA A1/4463/55 


Contact us for more information on Helicoil Nitronic Inserts or Helicoil catalogs.

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Helicoil Screw Thread Insert Taps, Helicoil Electric & Pneumatic Power Tools

About Helicoil Screw Thread Insert Taps

Before Helicoil insert installation, the drilled hole has to be tapped with a Helicoil STI hand tap or machine tap of the correct tap size.
Types of Helicoil Taps available include Helicoil Taper Tap (Helicoil Roughing Tap), 
Helicoil Intermediate Tap (Helicoil Finishing Tap), Helicoil Plug Tap (Helicoil Bottoming Tap)
Helicoil Spiral Flute Tap, Helicoil Spiral Point Tap, Helicoil Reamer Tap (Pilot Nose Tap).

Contact us for more information on Helicoil Taps or Helicoil catalogues.


About Helicoil Hand Installation Tools

Helicoil Hand Installation Tools are designed to install Helicoil screw thread inserts quickly and efficiently. The simplicity of Helicoil Inserting Tools make Helicoil insert installation easy, even for unseasoned users.
Depending on the number of thread inserts and the speed they are to be installed, different types of Helicoil Inserting Tools are available to suit your specific need.
Helicoil Installation Tools include Helicoil Mandrel Type, Helicoil Threaded Mandrel Type, Helicoil Non-Captive Prewinder Installation Tool, Helicoil Prewinder Type with Slotted Head, Helicoil Prewinder Type with Threaded Mandrel, Helicoil Heavy Duty Installation Tool, Helicoil Flyover Type Installation Tool.
Contact us for more information on Helicoil Installation Tools or Helicoil catalogs.

About Helicoil Power Tools

Helicoil Electric Power Tools, Helicoil Pneumatic Power Tools. For high volume production and usage, the use of Helicoil Power Tools are highly recommended as they can help reduce worker fatigue as well as significantly improve speed and accuracy during wire insert installation. For even greater productivity, Helicoil wire thread inserts can also be supplied in ‘tape feed' reels.

The reel holds the Helicoil wire thread inserts firmly in a ready position for installation, ensuring quick, accurate loading into the Helicoil Power Tool, each and every time.
Helicoil Pneumatic Installation Tool
- available in metric and inches sizes for rapid installation of Helicoil Standard And Screw-Lock Wire Thread Inserts
- consists of a front end assembly (prewinder, mandrel, and spacers), an adaptor, and a reversible air motor
- can be hand held, or bench mounted for increased production output
Helicoil Electric Installation Tool
- low noise
- lightweight
- fully automatic tool with forward and reverse motions in a single lever action
- has slender mandrels that allow them to reach into constricted areas

Contact us for more information on Helicoil Power Tools or Helicoil  catalog.


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Keensert Keylocking Inserts, Keysert Keylocking Inserts, Tridair, Acme

About Keensert and Keysert Key-Locking Inserts


Keensert and Keysert Key-Locking Inserts provide high strength

and reliability and are designed to provide high resistance to

rotation and pull-out loads. After installation into the tapped hole,

the locking keys on each Keensert/Keysert are driven down

through the threads of the parent material, locking the insert

firmly and permanently in place.



Keensert/Keysert Keylocking Insert Features


- Can be used in virtually any material including aluminum, cast

iron, steel, and plastics

- Positive mechanical lock against rotation

- High strength and flexibility provides maximum pull out strength

- Easy installation and removal, can be installed using standard

drills and taps. However, Keensert installation kits are also

available if needed

- No prewinder tool required

- Impossible to cross-thread during installation

- No tang break off needed


Keensert/Keysert Key Locking Insert Materials and Finishes


- Materials : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Nitronic 60

- Finishes : Silver Plate, Cadmium Plate, Dry Film Lubricant


Keensert/Keysert Key Locking Insert Thread Types


Keensert Key-Locking Inserts are available in standard and

screw lock forms.


- Metric




Keensert/Keysert Key Locking Insert Types


- Miniature

- Lightweight (Thin wall)

- Heavy Duty

- Extra Heavy Duty

- Solid


Contact us for more information on Keenserts or Keysert

catalogues catalog.

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Ensat Self Tapping Inserts, Ensat 302, 307, 308, 309, Kerb Konus Germany

About Ensat Self Tapping Inserts


Ensat Self Tapping Inserts Kerb Konus (also known as self

threaded inserts) are cylindrical metal bushings with internal

and external threads and are specially designed to cut their

own threads as they are being driven into a drilled hole. Ensat

Self Tapping Inserts provide permanent wear-resistant threads

in a wide range of materials, from tough to tap, high strength

steels to brittle plastics. 


The thread cutting action is performed by the cutting slots on

the Ensat Self Tapping Insert. By tapping its own thread, the

Ensat Self Tapping Insert eliminates the need for pre-tapped



Ensat Ensat Self Tapping Insert Features


- Self tapping - no pre-tapping required

- Very high pull-out resistance

- Highly resistant to vibration, can withstand vibration without


- Produces high quality, permanent, wear-resistant threads

- Unlimited thread re-usability

- Protects expensive components from damage

- Easy to install, standard taps can be used

- Wide variety of styles to fit almost every application


Ensat Self Tapping Insert Materials


- Unhardened steel

- Case hardened steel, zinc-plated

- Case hardened steel, zinc-plated, yellow chromated

- Stainless steel

- Brass


Ensat Self Tapping Insert Types


- Ensat 302

- Ensat 307

- Ensat 308

- Ensat 309


Ensat Self Tapping Insert Thread Types


- Metric




Contact us for more information on Ensat Self Tapping Inserts

Kerb Konus catalogues catalog.


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Bollhoff Rivkle Blind Rivet Rivnuts & Rivstuds Nutserts
About Bollhoff Rivkle Blind Rivet Rivnuts
The Bollhoff Rivnut range of blind rivet nuts are single 
component fasteners installed blind from one side of the 
workpiece without access to the other. Bollhoff Rivnuts are 
used to provide precision, high strength threads within 
components of limited thickness in metals, plastics, resins, 
and other materials. 
Not only do they offer highly reliable, stress resistant, fast 
installation in thin walled parts and hollow profiles, Bollhoff 
Rivnuts also permit blind riveting, combinations of riveting 
and screwing together of different parts, as well as spray 
water-tight sealed screw connections. 
Bollhoff Rivkle Blind Rivet Rivnuts Features
- Most versatile solution for adding a load carrying internal or 
external thread to thin-walled workpieces 
- Are often the only fastener solution for hollow sections, 
housings or where access is limited to one side of a component 
- No preparation is required for installation other than to drill or 
pierce a hole in the components to be riveted 
- No additional finishing required after setting, even with 
coated or painted components


Bollhoff Rivkle Blind Rivet Rivnuts Applications
- Cars and motorcycles, bumpers, safety belts, airbags 
- Commercial vehicles, trailers, fire engines 
- Electrical & electronic products, safety cabinets 
- Food processing industry - ovens, extraction hoods, fast 
food counters


Bollhoff Rivkle Blind Rivet Rivnuts Materials
- Aluminium 
- Steel - zinc plated, yellow passivated 
- Stainless Steel 
- Brass

Contact us for more information on Bollhoff Rivnuts catalogues catalog.

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