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Since 1960, Com-Ten Industries is a manufacturer and designer of force measurement equipments. Our range of products now includes force gauges, torque gauges, manual stands, motorized and computer controlled stands, tensile testing equipment, compression testing equipment, torque bench and torque calibration. We have one of the most complete range of torque and force measuring equipments on the market today and applications in all the industries: packaging, automotive, medical, food, plastics, metallurgy...

Another area of expertise within Com-Ten industries is the measure of force in the building market. With our range of fastener pull testers, we're now working with fastener manufacturers and representatives, roofing industries and consultants, building enterprises...
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Centor Star - Advanced force gauge
The Centor Star is the most advanced force gauge currently available, it has become the benchmark tool for force measurement. Besides having all the functionalities of the Centor Easy, it also provides additional handy possibilities: with its graphic capabilities, it can calculate and display in real time, not only the maximum, but also the values of the particular points of the curve, such as the rupture force, force on a trigger, force at a given time, first peak, etc.

The new features:

– Maximum within a time window: makes it possible to define a particular time period for a test and to calculate the maximum force during that period while keeping the test maximum in memory

– Calculation of the time necessary to reach the maximum force in tension or compression

– Average force over the duration of the test

All these results are stored in memory (up to 100 tests) which allows statistics to be calculated on the maximum values and on configurable calculations, then sent to a PC along with the dates and times of the measurements.

Furthermore, it is possible to freeze its configuration to avoid handling errors. It is the most versatile instrument designed for all tests in industrial surroundings.
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Torque gauge Centor Easy with Handle torque sensor
Using the Centor technology, the Centor W Easy TH digital torque gauges with handle sensor have a very large graphic display and show a maximum amount of information for more efficient measuring: they show the current reading and the peak value at the same time, and a bar graph to show the operator whether they are close to their maximum capacity. If necessary, the backlighting can be used to further enhance reading comfort.

Mounted with a non removable external handle torque sensor, it allows you to measure an important range of torques with the high accuracy required. Delivered with a chunk, it's the ideal versatile torque gauge for a wide range of bolt, screws, bars...

Its advanced measurement chain enables it to use a sampling rate of 1,000 Hertz with a resolution of 1/10,000 FS and a total error of less than 0.5% FS.

Many other functions complete the possibilities of the torque gauge:
- the Set point featuresns can be used to carry out “OK, NOK” tests: a symbol appears on the display.
- The fully programmable RS232 output sends the data to a PC.
- A digimatic output can be used with Mitutoyo statistical printers.
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Pull tester for roofing and buiding industries
The EXTRACTOR portable pull-tester is ideal for your quality test on fixing fasteners. It allows you to evaluate easily on the field the tensile pull-out force (commonly called extraction) of your fixing system on various substrate materials.

The Extractor fastener tester is specially designed for the following domains:
- Measure the pull-out force to validate a safe working load
- Check the correct installation of existing fixings
- Measure the withdrawal resistance of fastener used for attachment of various components to various materials
- Proof the holding power of anchors

The Extractor fastener tester is an essential tool in building industries, where it is important to validate and check for faulty fixing anchors on both new and old construction.

This dedicated kit comes with a full range of accessories:
- A Pull tester (with its calibrated gauge 1000lb or 2000lb, analog or digital)
- Lifter foot for standard roofing screw LFS0250 (shank: 1/4” – Head: 5/8”)
- Lifter foot for rawl type fasteners LFR0437 (shank: 7/16” – Head: 1.0”)
- Lifter foot for NTB type fasteners LFN0468 (shank: 15/32” – Head: 2.0”)

How it works:
A tensile load is applied to the fixing mechanically using the hand crank of the pull-out tester. The gauge displays and registers the peak pull-out force.

- Repair and Rehabilitation
- Construction Inspection

Can be used in accordance with Standards: TAS 105 ; ANSI/SPRI FX-1-2006
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TEX 555, quick action manual test stand
Com-Ten’s TEX 555 test stand is ideal for low and medium force testing when a quick result is required. This manual test stand makes accurate and repetitive tensile and compression tests for springs, crimps, foam, peel and crush applications. The TEX 555 test stand features a revolving hand crank, small footprint, durable design and portable.

Combined with our Centor force gauges, the manual test stand TEX 555 can measure up to 555 pounds in production or laboratory for an affordable price. It’s available in vertical or horizontal orientations with table or wall mounting fixtures. Travel limits, digital ruler and auto-return spring are available in options.
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Twin columns automated force test stand
The advanced 700 Series Universal Test Systems are ball screw driven test stands, excellent for affordable, precision tensile and compression testing of a wide variety of materials, products or ASTM standards. These variable speed testers have increased speed ranges and include adjustable travel limit switches. With the unique dual testing area, users can setup for two tests, tensile and/or compression, without having to switch out fixtures.
Sturdy ball screw drives allow for smoother operation and precise positioning. Stands include the touchscreen ComTouch Total Control system. These systems benefit from supporting our universal test software CTAP.
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