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Accert Perforated Metal Factory
Accert Perforated Metal Factory was built in 1984.With a total number of 82 employees,23 sets of wire-drawing,net-weaving and zinc-plating equipment,the company is a joint venture with TaiWan,exclusive right of import and export,specialized operating in all kinds of metal wire meshes enterprise.Under the great support of customers and our unremitting the annual output of 2000MTS of drawing zinc-plating iron wire and 800000 m2 of stainless steel wire mesh,brass wire mesh,hexagon mesh,welded wire mesh,galvanized square-hole mesh,window screen etc.All kinds of wire meshes has been taken shape in our company.

Our main products are stainless steel wire mesh, dutch wire mesh, window screening, welded wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, black wire cloth, expanded wire mesh, brass wire mesh, link fence, filter disc, nylon netting, perforated mesh, wire mesh fences, conveyer belt mesh etc.

We sincerely hope to establish a good & long-term business relations with customers all over the world. We can provide "high quality wire mesh & best price & perfect service & fast delivery". If you are interested in our products, pls contact us as soon as possible.

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Decorative Perforated Metal

The perforated plate can be manufactured in various steels, measures, standard models and special designs that are tailored to the needs of each industry. Engineers, architects and designers also are finding increasingly uses for the metal plates perforated in various presentations of design and materials.

Decorative stainless steel perforated metal, non-magnetic, type 304 or 316.
The type 316 provides greater resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for photographic industries, food, chemicals and shipbuilding.

Sheet thick with reinforced edges
Tolerance in the size of the sheet metal + /-5mm

Dimensions: Square opening, Hex opening, Oblong, Special

Sizes of perforated sheets in stainless steel 304: 500x500mm, 1000x500mm
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Slotted Mesh Perforated Metal
Slotted perforated metal is produced in ferrous materials in plates, stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Oblong Slotted Perforated Metal:

3.175 x 25.400 mm oblong slot
6.350 mm centers
Side Staggered
43% open
22 gauge steel
Length of oblong slots run length of sheet.

1/4" Slotted Perforated Metal:
6.350 x 38.100 mm slot
Every third bridge 4.763 mm wide
Other bridges 2.381 mm
67% open area of sheets
16, 18, 20 gauge steel
Length of slots runs width of perforated sheet.

Mesh sizes and plate thickness typical available:
Ф DE 1.2X5 D/C 7 X 7.5mm
Ф DE 2X14 D/C 14X21mm 
Ф DE 2.5x20 D/C14X25mm 
Ф DE 5X20X D/C 16X44mm
Ф DE 8X20 D/C 25X46mm
Custom orders with gauges and sizes available.

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Embossed Perforated Sheet Metal
Standard Size: In sheets 2000 x 1000 mm.
Material: Produced in mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.
Applications: Metallic constructions and industrial uses.
Sheet Thickness: Varied according to patterns of embossing. From 1, 1.5, 2 and 3mm.
Embossed perforated metal sheet is ideal for industrial corridors, automotive defenses, making of platforms and stairs.
Melon seeds pattern:(Aluminum and stainless)
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Perforated Sheet

We perforate a wide range of round, square, slotted, decorative and even odd shaped perforations from a numerous metal sheets. The most common percentage of open area is between 30% and 50% although more extreme open areas are available depending on the perforation. Some times the percentage open area has to be kept lower for increased strength and flatness of the perforated metal sheet especially when galvanising.

The maximum sheet thickness, which we can perforate up to, is 25mm, the most common thickness range for balustrade infill, cladding panels is between 1.5mm and 3.0mm although heavier specifications do away with having to frame the sheets with something like edging profile which we also supply.

How to Make Perforated Sheets:
The sheet is fed to the machine by means of a Roller System Mechanism. The die is preloaded on the machine. On feeding the sheet, the upper section of the machine starts stroking. The sheet is perforated as per the die and is advanced by the amount of the perforated pitch set on the machine, with the next stroke of the slide. This cycle of feeding and perforating continues automatically.

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Perforated Plates

The perforated metal plate is a very special, highly utilized in industry, construction, in the manufacture of various products popular use such as garbage baskets, filters, etc. The wide variety of sizes, as well as the different openings or holes offer the user a wide range of options that will help to select the mesh precise to their needs.

Perforated plates are mostly manufactured in steel carbon, but also can be manufactured on a custom aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and so on.

It is a valuable material for processes of filtration, separation, equalization, compensation, among others. The metal plates are used for separation of grains, food, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, grindings, laboratories, etc.

The perforated metal plate finds a great application in the decoration and display of goods, ornamental applications ranging from furniture and office supplies, ceiling, office divisions, ventilation windows or walls, lighting, decoration up in buildings of great design. Perforated plates give a touch of elegance and distinction compared to other materials.

Perforated plates can be offered in a variety of patterns and metal types. To order, the following factors are to consider:
Material (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.)
Caliber or thickness of the sheet.
Size of the strips (3 'x 8'-4' x 8'-3 'x 10'-4' x 10 'and 1 x 2 mts.)
Form and extent of perforating: Round square or oblong
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