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Ningbo Yujie Optical Instruments Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Yujie Optical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturers and distributors of optical microscopes in China. At 1978, we started our business in this field and since then obtained abundant experience of designing, manufacturing and management of microscopes. At present, we have been awarded with CE certificate and ISO9001 certificate. Every year, over 100, 000 units of microscopes are manufactured and sold, 98% of them are exported to abroad. Also, we export a lot of microscope components to all round the world. Our products enjoy a good reputation in the market because of excellent quality and reasonable price.
We sincerely look forward to establishing long-term cooperation with you and fight for bright future together.
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Binocular Biological Microscopes

45mm DIN Achromatic Objective:4X,10X,40X(S),100X(S, Oil)
Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece:WF10X,WF16X;
Total Magnification:40X-1600X
Sliding Binocular Head,Interpupillary Distance:55-75mmï¼›45º Inclined,360º Rotatable
Double Layers Mechanical Stage:140X155mm, Moving Range X-Y:70X50mm
Ø2-Ø30mm Iris Diaphragm And Ø32 Filterï¼›
ABBE Condenser:N.A. 1.25
Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing Adjustable Mechanism:25mm,Precision:0.002mm
Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 6V/20W
Net Weight/Set:6.4kg;
Package:1 Set/Carton 38X34X50cm;
Gross Weight/Carton:11kg

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digital biological microscopes
45mm DIN Achromatic Objective: 4X,10X,40X(S),100X(S,Oil);

                                                                     Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece: WF10X,Wf16X;

                                                                     Articulated Free Binocular Head, Intepupillary Distance:55-75mm,

                                                                     30ºInclined, 360ºRotatable

                                                                     Built-in Digital Camera System, Resolution:1280(H)

                                                                     *1024(V),1/2Chip, USB2.0 with Micro-image Process Software

                                                                     Nosepiece: Forward Quadruple Nosepiece                    

                                                                     Double  Layers Mechanical Stage:140X155mm,Moving Range X-Y: 70X50mm

                                                                     Ø2-Ø30mm Iris Diaphragm And Ø32 Filter with ABBE Condenser:N.A. 1.25

                                                                     Coaxial Coarse And Fine Focusing Adjustable Mechansim: 30mm,  


                                                                     Built-in Adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 6V/20W and Kohlar

                                                                     Illumination System

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stereo micorscopes
Objective:Grouped From Any Two Objectives of 1X,2X,3X and 4X,Working Distance:1X-55mm,2X-81mm,3X-61mm,4X-57mm Wide Field Plane-Scope Eyepiece:WF10X,WF15X(Optional) Total Magnification:10X-20X,or 10X-30X,or 10X-40X,or 20X-30X,or 20X-40X,or 30X-40X Articulated Free Binocular Head,Interpupillary Distance:55-75mm,45º Inclinedï¼› Illumination:Top/ Bottom Light:12V/10W Halogen Lamp,with Ø95mm Frosted Glass Stage Plate Rack and Pinion Coarse Focusing Mechanism With Slip Clutch and Tension Adjustment Net Weight/Set:2.4kgï¼› Package:4 Sets/Carton61X35X36cmï¼› Gross Weight/Carton:11kg
-Scientific Instruments > Microscopes

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planck constant instruments
-Scientific Instruments > Analytical Instruments

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A wide classification of instruments that are used to analyze material samples, or their components, and record data specific to the application.
A microscope is an instrument capable of producing a magnified image of a small object.
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