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A China supplier of motion control solution and products, encoders(optical rotary encoder and servo motor encoder), encoder coupling, stepper motor,gear motor, solenoid valve and some related mechanical components, Tantex Corp, an ISO9001.2000 certified entity located in downtown Ningbo, we hope you enjoy your stay here and on our website.

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Servo Motor Encoder

This kind of encoder is usually called the brain of servo motor, the encoder feeds back information to the drive to enable the drive on the positioning of the motor, this one may not be the one you want, please go to our website if our offers interest you.

-Motion Control > Encoders and Resolvers
-Motion Control > Motion Controllers
-Motion Control > Motor Controls and Drives

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Encoder Couplings, Flexible Encoder Couplings.

Flexible Encoder Couplings and others...  welcome to find a better solution in Tantex Corporation.

-Motion Control > Encoders and Resolvers
-Motion Control > Linear and Rotary Motion Components
-Motion Control > Shock and Vibration Control

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Piezo Elements

Piezo Elements, piezoelectric  ceramics solution ...  Tantex Corporation hope you enjoy your stay here or on our website!

-Motion Control > Piezoelectric
-Fluid Flow > Pumps
-Fluid Flow > Valve Actuators and Positioners
-Fluid Flow > Valves, Regulators and Sensors

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Worm Gears

Gears, gearmotor solutions, hope you enjoy your stay here and on our website.

-Mechanical Components > Bearings and Bushings
-Mechanical Components > Chains and Sprockets
-Mechanical Components > Gears

Related Product Categories
Fluid Flow
Machines and devices used for the raising, compression or transference of a variety of materials.
Valve Actuators and Positioners
Devices designed to automatically control and monitor the position of valves, in relation to their open or closed positions.
Valves, Regulators and Sensors
Devices that regulate the flow of gases, liquids, or loose materials through piping by opening, closing, or obstructing ports or passageways.
Mechanical Components
Bearings and Bushings
Mechanical components used to reduce friction and carry loads for rotary or linear motion; include ball and roller bearings, plain bearings, sleeve bushings, and other configurations.
Chains and Sprockets
Power transmission components using toothed sprockets and link chain matched in size and pitch.
Includes all power transmission gear types and reducers, geometry and materials, including English and metric designs.
Motion Control
Encoders and Resolvers
Motion feedback devices providing position and velocity information to closed-loop control systems.
Linear and Rotary Motion Components
Components used in the assembly of linear or rotary motion systems, such as ball screws, lead screws, slides, stages, and actuators.
Motion Controllers
Devices combining multiple elements of motion control, such as a motor, controller, and drive, into unified single-axis or multi-axis packages.
Motor Controls and Drives
Includes devices for the analog and digital control of motor motion for many types of motors.
Piezoelectric devices encompass a group of actuators, motors and amplifiers/drivers that use piezoelectric materials to move or microposition components.
Shock and Vibration Control
Mechanical products used to isolate or control the shock or vibration exerted on a component or assembly.
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