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A proverbial saying that "the devil's in the detail" which explain no matter what a work like painting, artcraft or architecture, a perfect work is born with a series of details. GANRO makes every rotary table based on this conception from every single part to a complete rotary table. Even a small screw will decide if a machine center can achieve the most profitable function.

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01. CNC Rotary Table
02. Rotary Table
03. CNC Index Table
04. 5 Axis Rotary Table
05. Gear Indexer

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CNC Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Table - standard series 

1. High accuracy and worm wheel provides long term duration.
2. High rigidity and allows heavy loads.
3. Multi-point brake system allows heavy cutting.
4. Can be operated with M/C for 4 axes.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
-Mechanical Components > Couplings, Collars and Joints
-Mechanical Components > Industrial Tools
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Rotary Table

Rotary Table - Back Side Motor Series

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Machine Tool Accessories
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Machine Tools
-Material Handling and Packaging > Tilt Tables

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