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Proceq manufactures quality nondestructive portable testing instruments for metal hardness, concrete properties and paper roll hardness. Proceq invented the Equotip portable metal hardness tester and the world’s first portable concrete test hammer, the Schmidt concrete test hammer. The SilverSchmidt portable concrete test hammer belongs to the latest generation of Schmidt hammers. Proceq also produces other concrete test equipment, such as the Profometer 5+/Profoscope rebar detector and covermeter, the Canin+ Corrosion Analyzing Instrument and the Tico Ultrasonic Instrument.



Nondestructive Portable Metal Hardness Testing Equipment

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Equotip 3

The Equotip 3 is a versatile portable hardness testing solution using the dynamic Leeb rebound technique which was invented by Proceq.

Proceq has combined today's technology with its over 35 years of Equotip know-how and customer feedback to create the Equotip 3 - a portable instrument that offers extended capabilities and unmatched ease of operation.

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