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Swiss Instruments Limited specializes in meeting your specific measurement and storage needs. Whether you need to organize and store a small area or you require a "total storage solution" for your space, we will have a representative at your door to solve your needs.


Metrology, optical comparators, machining equipment and tools, metal storage, automated storage

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Micro Hite Gages

With powerful, built-in software, the MICROHITE ® 2D Electronic Height Gage makes twodimensional measurement with a single axis height gage fast and easy. Two-dimensional measuring capability lets MICRO-HITE determine concentricity or express the relationship between holes, patterns or the features of a part in polar or rectangular coordinates. The easyto- use keyboard and interactive LC display guides operators through measurement operations.

-Test and Measurement > Metrology
-Test and Measurement > Non-destructive Testing Equipment
-Test and Measurement > Sensing and Measurement Instruments
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Starrett HB400

Superlative in design and function, the HB400 is ideal for the most demanding applications in optical measurement. The HB400 features a 16” (400mm) screen diameter.

-Scientific Instruments > Microscopes
-Test and Measurement > Machine Vision
-Test and Measurement > Metrology
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Lista storage cabinets, tool storage and workbenches

Rugged, modular and efficient. Lista Workspace solutions can be customized to suit any storage, organizational or workspace need you may have. Swiss Instruments has been a dealer of Lista products since 1970, and is happy to work with you to design the ideal solution to take advantage of your workspace. Enhance your productivity with increased storage density, efficiency of use and better organization. Contact Swiss Instruments to begin designing a customized Lista solution for your workspace.

-Material Handling and Packaging > Carts and Trucks
-Material Handling and Packaging > Tool Boxes
-Material Handling and Packaging > Workbenches and Workstations

Related Product Categories
Material Handling and Packaging
Carts and Trucks
Industrial carts and industrial trucks are mobile devices for transporting goods and materials.
Tool Boxes
Tool boxes and tool storage units are used to organize and store tools.
Workbenches and Workstations
Industrial workbenches and industrial workstations are locations where personnel perform work. Products range from economy workbenches to cleanroom and electronic assembly benches.
Scientific Instruments
A microscope is an instrument capable of producing a magnified image of a small object.
Test and Measurement
Machine Vision
Systems using optical, video and computer hardware for automated inspection and measurement in production environments.
Non-destructive Testing Equipment
Instruments and other devices used in testing methods that examine an object, material, or system without impairing its future usefulness. NDT measurements include flaws, thickness, material condition, corrosion, bulk conductivity and others.
Sensing and Measurement Instruments
Instruments for the detection and measurement of physical variables such as flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, velocity, acceleration, and vibration.
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