engineering fundamentals aoke carton box clothing bag shoe paper pattern plotter drawing flat bed cutting machine company

aoke carton box clothing bag shoe paper pattern plotter drawing flat bed cutting machine company

This is betty from china AOKE computer carton box proofing machine company

Our company machines can draw, fold, dotted line, half knife, sticky bit toothless mouth and cut corrugated paper, cardboard, grey paper, clothes, PP, PVC and imitation sheepskin.

Promoting computer carton proofing of carton/box design to meet the diversity of orders, box specifications variety small batch production.Machine will automatically identify all kinds of graphics and the selection of the corresponding linear tools (knife / roller / pen), at the same time in accordance with the corresponding parameter settings, such as speed, tool type, the blade cutting depth, the

depth of indentation, etc. work to complete the box/carton sample.

there are two two traditional forms of carton/box proof

A)Providing  with a film or design, which already have a knife or obvious line, contour line. This is a relatively simple, only need to use film or design staff to make the corresponding indentation tool, using tools such as blades with cutting out a ruler and then converted into

the required box/carton

B) Providing a document and their requirements, then designers need to have a rich experience of industry experience, then designers use software to open the document modified into a knife and line film

If customer have a high request for the carton/box or want the factory to offer a few different carton/box sample, then the factory need to make knife mold, However,if customers want to modify the style,then everything need to do again. it will waste time, customers can  not wait the modify time and then do not place orders.

At present, most of the carton with a proofer like a graphic design software line, regardless of customers is to provide the film, drawings, or only files, after the design software can be re-drawn or modified to deal with measurement, and then output into a machine identify

the format used by the machine tools, processing tools such as pressure by the wheel. First of all, the accuracy of the machine far more than the accuracy of staff, fast work, and the machine can work for a long time to maintain the same accuracy; followed by a high adaptability of the machine, for different materials (cardboard, corrugated paper, gray board, etc.) appropriate choice of tools, combination roller, can be processed into high-quality box-like; machine can work the other box-like design, modification, and in

accordance with the actual box-like to make immediate changes can do so at any time In accordance with the requirements of customers at the scene changes, just little time to meet the requirements of customers; advanced so fast and accurate proofer box carton in

carton design and processing advantages have been a strong authentication.





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