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Psychsoftpc is a US manufacturer of high performance graphics workstations for scientific, engineering, oil and gas exploration, chemical modeling, automotive design, avionics modeling, aerodynamics research, gis and 3d rendering applications, Tesla based personal supercomputers for oil and gas exploration and computationally intensive applications at the desk and Linux based HPC clusters


Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation

Psychlone Presonal Supercomputer (Tesla)

Psychslone Linux Cluster


Psyborg Virtual Reality Ready Computers

Psyborg Virtual Reality Ready Gaming Computers


Contact Dr. Tim Lynch
Address P.O. Box 232
North Quincy, MA 02171
Country United States
Telephone 617-471-8733
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Psyborg Extreme Workstations
Got work to do? Can your workstation keep up? Are you ready to maximize your productivity? 
Boost your performance with Psyborg Extreme Graphics
, made individually for you by the folks at Psychsoftpc, people who are
passionate about computers and the people that use them, featuring NVIDIA® Quadro® FX
graphics solutions that are Built For Professionals. With Psyborg Extreme
Graphics Workstations you can leverage the capabilities of NVIDIA ® Quadro® FX
professional-class GPUs to fully incorporate high-quality 3D models into your work
flow.  Made with care in Massachusetts, the Psyborg Extreme Graphics Workstation
delivers a hardware solution that enables you to create and interact with complex 3D
designs without sacrificing visual quality.

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Psychlone Personal Supercomputer (Tesla)

Are you looking to do some serious number crunching right at your desk without waiting for time on that cluster down the hall? Then, step into the era of Personal Supercomputing with the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer from Psychsoftpc featuring NVidia Tesla technology. With the Psychlone Personal Supercomputer featuring NVidia Tesla technology from Psychsoftpc, an authorized NVidia Tesla system partner, you can tackle some of the toughest computational challenges around including drug research, oil and gas exploration, prime number theory, computational fluid dynamics, Geographic Information Services (GIS), weather simulation and computational finance right at your desk with a supercomputer that takes up the same space as a regular PC, without waiting around for time on a cluster at your school or work. You could even use it to help pick out your fantasy baseball team. And there is already plenty of software available to take advantage of the Parallel Processing Power of the system. And our systems come with either SUSE Linux or Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OSes pre-installed, so you are good to go right out of the box. So, what are you waiting for, get yours today.

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