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DATRON Dynamics, Inc.

Datron’s strength in the marketplace is providing affordable high-speed machining equipment for milling and engraving for the production of intricate parts all the way up to large sheets. The German-engineered gantry system is designed around the singular goal of efficiency with small tools (½” and under). Short cycle times are achieved by 60,000 RPM spindles and feeds up to 1, 000”/min. Solid-granite and polymer-concrete machining tables and cast-steel construction provide rigidity for precision and accuracy in tight tolerance applications. Datron is well suited for high-tech applications requiring burr-free machining in aluminum and other non-ferrous materials including exotic composites such as carbon-fibers. This includes industries requiring machining for electronic, aerospace, defense and medical applications.

German-Engineered High-Speed CNC Machining Centers

  • Up to 60,000 RPM Spindles
  • Quality & Efficiency with tools under ½”
  • Milling Drilling & Engraving
  • Solid Design for Rigidity & Tight Tolerance
  • Small Footprint with Large Work Area (20”x 20” to 60”x 98”)
  • Low Power Consumption & Environmentally-friendly Coolant

Best-Suited to the following Applications:

  • Aerospace, Electronics, Medical & Dental Parts
  • 3D Industrial Engraving, Embossing Dies and Stamps
  • Micro Drilling
  • Stainless Steel Engraving & Serialization
  • Enclosures and Housings
  • Front Panels, Nameplates, ID Tags & Signage
  • Aluminum, Composites, Tool Steel, Graphite and Ceramics

Application Improvement with:

  • Pneumatic and Vacuum Workholding
  • Integrated Probing & Vision Systems
  • Full Simultaneous Five Axis Machining (Trunnion-Style)
  • Automation & Robotics

Other Products:

  • Dispensing Systems
  • Micro Tooling
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