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Lynn Engineered Systems designs and manufactures pump priming, siphon control and evacuation solutions for the Water & Waste Water Treatment, Power, Irrigation, Marine, Industrial and Agricultural Industries. LYNN offers a standard and custom line of automatic vacuum priming systems with the most complete array of options, materials of construction, and system accessories of any manufacturer. Systems are available to suit customer preference for oil-lubricated rotary vane, liquid ring, or dry reciprocating piston vacuum pumps. LYNN can provide full compliance in system design and construction. All of LYNN's systems have been designed to ensure years of reliable service and ease of maintenance.  We have installations throughout North and South America.

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LYNN Duplex Automatic Vacuum Priming System

For Critical applications or when priming several pumps off one system (Central Priming System), a Duplex Priming System recommended. Both vacuum pumps are used to establish the initial prime. The system then alternates between vacuum pumps to maintain the prime. In the event one pump can't keep up with the load, the second vacuum pump automatically comes on. Furthermore, with the advantage of being able to run both vacuum pumps during intial prime, a smaller system can often be used to replace a suitably sized simplex system.

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Simplex Automatic Vacuum Priming System

Simplex Priming Systems are an ideal choice with non-critical application. Simplicity in design and operation, this is a reliable, economical solution, and can be used with either On-Demand or Central Primin applications.

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