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Founded in 2009, NPMT is a wholly owned subsidiary of NPM Group (Japan). NPMT is responsible for the research and design, production, and marketing NDS, a global brand of NPM Dicing System.


Nippon Pulse Motor Co., Ltd (NPM) of Japan is the parent company of NPMT. Since its founding in 1952, NPM has supplied high-quality products to a wide range of industries as a total motion control provider of precision motors, drivers, controllers, actuators and mechatronic systems.



  • Motionnet
  • PCL/PCD Series
  • Shaft Motor
  • Linearstep Motor
  • Chuck Table
  • Dicing Blade
  • Dicing Tape
  • Dicing Saw


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Best Open Field Bus! I/O Chips, Pulse Generators and CPU Emulators are put on a Single Line From Center Device

Motionnet is a super high-speed serial communication system. It offers 4 types of G9000 devices developed by NPM to create a Motionnet that greatly reduces wiring. The G9000 devices provide input/output control, motor control, CPU emulation and message communication with their high speed serial communications (up to 20Mbps) all of which are required by current Factory Automation techniques.

Motionnet always transfers 4 bytes of data in 15.1μsec using cyclic communication to control input and output. While this data is being transferred, it can communicate a maximum of 256 bytes, such as motor control data, and the LSI controls the data transmission using interrupts. Communication times can be calculated using formulas, allowing you to see that Motionnet guarantees the real-time oriented support needed by FA industries.

We confidently recommend our Motionnet as the best major communication system solution for jobs like controlling FA equipment.

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Chuck Table

Either in the application field of object suction or filtration, any shape and size of the panels are available. a chuck table for wafer dicing, the dimension of the panel diameter can customization.

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Dicing Blades

Resin bond blades with the characteristic of vertical consumption can efficiently reduce the occurrence of grain deformation and improve the cutting quality and efficiency on hard and brittle materials.

Metal bond blades, the sintered diamond blades with the addition of metal powder in bond, have high retaining force for grain.

Electroformed bond blades are featured by ultra thin, high strength and stiffness. They can also suppress the deformation of blade shape and give high endurance and robust properties during cutting process.

Vitrified bond blade with high rigidity and cutting capability are able to keep the straightness on the entry point and precision of work dimension during high-loading process. Consequently, this kind of blade realizes advanced machining on hard materials like crystals and sapphires.

Hub blade is deployed on silicon wafer and compound semiconductor wafer cutting. Micrometer electroformed technology provides higher process quality.

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Dicing Tape

HUV-D1000 Series is a double-sided dicing tape with UV cured adhesive.

HUV-S3000 Series uses a PET base film and is a single-sided dicing tape with UV cured adhesive.

HUV-S4000 Series uses a special polyolefin base film and is a single-sided dicing tape with UV cured adhesive.

HUV-S5000 Series uses PVC film for matrix and is a single-sided dicing tape with UV cured adhesive.

HDC-6000 Series uses PVC base film and is a dicing tape with non-UV cured adhesive.

HUV-S7000 Series uses a special PET base film and is a singled-sided dicing tape which uses a special cured adhesive and features heat resistance enduring up to 190°C.

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Shaft Motor - A new next –generation actuator

Shaft motors are motors with a simple construction that drives using magnetic circuits consisting only of permanent magnets and coils, and which feature a diverse range of characteristics . These characteristics include precision positioning and high-, low-, and constant-speed driving, making the range of applications highly diverse . As a specialist motor manufacturer, Nippon Pulse Motor has integrated its unique control and communication technology through technical and production collaboration with shaft motor developer GMC Hillstone Co. , Ltd.. and has further combined linear encoders, encoder guides, and mechanical systems to meet customers' requirements and provide systems for use as the ideal actuators for their individual applications.

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