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Radicon is a global provider of standard and modified industrial gearing products as well as offering a wide range of repair services. An unrivalled depth of application and product expertise stretching back over 150 years enables us to provide customised as well as standard solutions.

The Radicon business broke away from David Brown in 2010 with intellectual property rights on all products still a major part of the business ensuring the quality and innovation customers expect from our products.

The success of the Radicon business has and will always be built upon exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our aim is to build long lasting customer relationships by offering a reliable, efficient and quality service in every area we deal with our customers.


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 Showcase Products

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Geared Motors

A range of geared motors covering helical worm, shaft mounted, in-line reducers and helical bevel geared motors.

-Motion Control > Drive Components
-Motion Control > Power Transmission

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Screw Jacks

Screw jacks capable of lifting and positioning loads of a few kilograms to hundreds of tonnes.

-Motion Control > Linear Actuators
-Motion Control > Power Transmission

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Industrial gearboxes

Industrial gearboxes from Radicon are capable of reaching output torque levels up to 162,000 Nm.

-Mechanical Components > Industrial Tools
-Motion Control > Drive Components
-Motion Control > Power Transmission

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Flexible Couplings

flexible couplings from Radicon come in four ranges cone ring, gear, nylicon flexible and grid couplings.

-Industrial Computers and Components > Connectors
-Mechanical Components > Couplings, Collars and Joints
-Motion Control > Power Transmission

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Roloid Geared Pump

Roloid geared pump from Radicon are suitable for pumping a wide variety of liquids which have some lubricating property.

-Fluid Flow > Pumps
-Motion Control > Power Transmission

Related Product Categories
Fluid Flow
Machines and devices used for the raising, compression or transference of a variety of materials.
Industrial Computers and Components
Components used in industrial computing applications to conduct and transfer signals or power from one cable to another.
Mechanical Components
Couplings, Collars and Joints
Mechanical shaft-mounting components for transmitting motion between two shafts, locking or locating components, or as mechanical stops.
Industrial Tools
High durability hand tools for industrial assembly, cutting, forming or marking that are often automated or have monitoring capabilities.
Motion Control
Drive Components
Driveline components, including gears, sprockets, belts and pulleys, for transmitting and controlling power and motion.
Linear Actuators
Linear actuators provide linear motion via a motor driven ball screw, lead screw, acme screw, or belt drive assembly.
Power Transmission
Belts and pulleys, sprockets and chains, gears, and other drive components used to transmit power.
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