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Advanced Optics, Inc.

Manufacturer of precision and custom optical components for use in aerospace, military and commercial avionics, medical instrumentation, academics and research, and scientific applications.  Our product line includes optical flats, flat mirrors, optical windows, and specialty optics.  From commercial flatness to 1/20 wave, many of our catalog optics are in stock for immediate delivery.

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Optical Mirrors

Advanced Optics manufactures highly precision polished optical mirrors up to 1/20 wave to meet demanding applications where a high degree of wavefront integrity is critical. They provide coatings to enhance reflectivity from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum.

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Optical Flat/Optical Window

Advanced Optics manufacturers single and double-sided optical flats up to 8" in diameter for use in test and measurement or as optical windows. Their flats are available either uncoated, with an anti-reflective coating or with a variety of reflective coatings for use as mirrors.

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Optical Components
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