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IEC & Associates provides Electrical and Electronic Forensic and Investigative Engineering Services, Patent Infringement Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Product Teardowns, Design Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Expert Witness Services for Attorneys, Insurance Companies and Industry.

Issues addressed include all aspects of the product or system under review or investigation, including design, fabrication, production, operation, failure analysis, reverse engineering, environmental conditions, agency compliance, safety, and product testing of electrical and electronic systems, products and devices as well as computer systems, hardware and software.  

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Investigations and Services include:

  •  Accidents
  •  Cost Reduction Analysis
  •  Defective Products
  •  Design Engineering - Hardware & Software
  •  Design Reviews
  •  Dispute Resolution
  •  Electrical & Electronic Systems & Products
  •  Expert Witness Testimony
  •  Failure Analysis
  •  Fire Cause and Origin
  •  Forensic Analysis and Testing
  •  Grounding
  •  Intellectual Property
  •  Lightning Damage Assessment
  •  Nondestructive Testing
  •  Patent Infringement Analysis
  •  Personal Injury
  •  Product Compliance & Safety
  •   Product Liability
  •  Product Teardowns
  •  Property Claim Services
  •  Reverse Engineering
  •  Safety Codes Compliance
  •  Sound Level Testing
  •  Temperature Tolerance Testing
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