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Fox Valley Stamping Company offers high quality short run metal stamping, LASER cutting, metal fabrication, secondary and value-added operations to businesses in virtually every industry.
FVSC can accommodate custom metal stampings for diverse applications, specifications, budgets, inventory and delivery schedules using a system specially designed to provide maximum flexibility.
From pre-production prototypes through your production requirements, FVSC offers our customers virtually unlimited stamping and fabricating options while providing a low-cost alternative to high tooling charges.

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Metal Stamping

Metal stampings with runs 1 to 25,000 pieces, precision CNC laser cutting, cutting .005 to .375 mild steel. Metalsoft CAD system. Electronic file transfer. CNC press brake. Additional services: plating, power coating, painting & black oxide.

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Metal Fabrication
Short run metal stamping is a cost-effective manufacturing process ideal for customers with short lead times, repetitive low to medium volumes and for customers who may require part modification. FVSC is committed to investing in the newest technology, which enables our experienced engineers and technicians to shorten the lead time and get your part into production for quick turnaround and delivery.
FVSC manufactures short run metal stamping parts of almost any shape or size. Our press room equipment includes both traditional and non-traditional capabilities. We have OBI punch presses ranging from 25 to 60 tons. These presses are particularly suited to take advantage of our expertise in short run metal stampings. In addition to our traditional method of stamping FVSC will combine conventional punching methods with LASER cutting, to get the best possible fabrication results at the lowest possible price.

FVSC customers also benefit from our wide selection of secondary operations. These additional manufacturing operations depend on individual project parameters and are used to complete the metal fabrication process.

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CNC LASER Metal Cutting
Using CNC LASER metal cutting technology, FVSC produces finished parts and components with smoother surface finishes, and practically burr-free holes and edges, while generating less material waste than conventional stamping processes.
FVSC consistently delivers cost-competitive high quality LASER cut parts. Our skilled CNC precision LASER cutting metal fabricators process custom sheet metal jobs quickly and accurately. Our CNC LASER systems have the latest high speed axial flow resonators for precision quality cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel and aluminum.
FVSC software driven CNC LASER cutting equipment offers the fastest processing of sheet metal because there is no tooling to be made. CAD designs quickly become finished parts.
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