engineering fundamentals Airless Ningbo DP paint sprayer company

Airless Ningbo DP paint sprayer company

We Dino-power is professional manufacturer and exporter for airless paint sprayers.

our products cover big range from electric / petrol engine power / to pneumatic airless sprayer, piston pump airless sprayer / diaphragm pump / and also double-membrane pump system, airless / air-assisted airless / air-mix airless spraying tools, these machines could be used for big size painting jobs / commercial painting / building project / steel structure / shipyard / floor painting etc. for spraying the light-duty paint , latex, enamel, acrylic, to heavy duty like epoxy, resin, elastomeric, block filler, textures, zinc-rich, putty, mud etc.

we have over 10 years experience in producing and chinese-domestic sales , and we started the exporting to overseas 5 years ago.

and now we’re the leader producer in China for the airless paint sprayer equipments, because we win not only the quality, but also the service.  since 3 years ago we start to be OEM producer for World Famous Brand for airless sprayers. we can ensure you that our quality is similar to European brands, especially the new developed items.

We have the strong capability of R&D, in the recent years we developed many new items, and we’ll get more in next year. 

all our products are 100% tested one by one, and CE approved, with 1-year limited warranty. for some professional series, we have 2-years warranty.

if you’re interesting in our Airless painting system, contact us freely. we’ll always be your reliable partner / supplier, for the airless painting tools. even though you want to find a producer for OEM order, or just want to find a good quality airless sprayers for promotion. we’ll have the right people and right products to meet your request.

  • Piston pump airless paint sprayer
  • Diaphragm pump airless sprayers
  • Pneumatic airless paint sprayer
  • Gasoline airless paint sprayer
  • Double-membrane pump
  • Airless line striper
  • 2-components painting equipment
  • Putty & plaster spraying equipment
  • Polyurethane foam reactor sprayer
  • Airless spray guns
  • Airless tips
  • Airless hose
  • Airless filter
  • Paint tanks
  • Drywall sander & vacuum cleaner
  • Other parts for airless system
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     Showcase Products

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    Airless spray gun

    DP6370 airless spray gun




    Max. Pressure: 270bar / 3900psi

    Inlet connector: 1/4″NPSM, 1/4″PT, M16*1.5

    Output connector: 11/16″, 7/8″

    4-finger trigger

    Anodized aluminium casting gun body with light weight (0.62kgs)

    Built-in airless filter could be easily replaced

    (standard filter included is 100mesh yellow color)
    With Auto-cleaning reverse airless tip.
    Swivel free inlet connector.

    -Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Pumps
    -Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Surface Coating
    -Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Coatings and Sealants

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    DP-6695 airless paint sprayer (Professional 2HP, 3.0L)

    DP-6695 airless paint sprayer (Professional 2HP, 3.0L)

    DP6695 Electric airless paint sprayer (2HP, 3.0L) is equipped with our EzControl 3.0 system and 1500W Permanent magnet DC motor. The unit is the good choice for professionals who demand big output for daily use on residential/ commercial/ interior painting jobs.

    A.     EzControl 3.0

    The EzControl 3.0 system will ensure you consistent fan and constant spraying pressure with low pulse and tight pressure deadband (5%).

    Just set your desired pressure easily, and the microprocessor will generate the fast response when spraying

    B.  EzOut Manifold filter

    Our EzOut Manifold filter (60mesh) will reduce the tip clogs and ensure you nice finish.

    The Pump Filter could be disassembled by hand easily (no tool needed).

    C.    EzConnect

    Our EzConnect system will let you connect / disconnect the suction tube easily without tool.

    The suction tube is swivel for easy put into the paint bucket.

    D.  EzFlush Cleaning

    The good quality prime/spray valve could be easily adjusted to Prime or Spray position. And you can easily flush cleaning the fluid passing way after spraying.

    E.   Chrome finishing cart with inflating wheels for easy moving.

    F.    Big fluid pump generate 3L volume per minute, which could be used for most kinds of residential / commercial / interior / exterior painting jobs.


    1.  1.    Durable fluid pump with longest lifetime, could be interchangeable with Graco 695 / 795 / 1095
    2.  2.  Stainless steel piston rod with hardened chrome finishing
    3.  3.  Guaranteed quality v-packings (Teflon + leather) which is imported fromKOREA.
    4. 4.   Fast replacing the worn parts by using a hammer or wrench to disassemble the fluid pump.
    5.  5. The DP6695 machine could support 1 gun spraying with 523# tip at 180bar pressure, or 2 guns spraying with 517 tips at 150bar pressure.
    6. 6. Stainless web parts could be used for both oil-based & water-based paints.
    7.  7.  Equipped with 30ft (15m) 5/16” ( 8*15mm ) high pressure paint hose for less vibration and quiet performance.
    8.  8.   Contents in the package: airless spray gun with tip & safety base, 15m 5/16” hose, oil, 50cm extension pole, manual.
    9.  9.  Brushless TEFC DC motor will be ready in the end of 2011.
    10. 10.  Both 4-legs grounded type and wheeled cart type are available.

    Technical Data for DP6695 graco type airless sprayer machine:

    Model number.

    DP6695 (professional)


    Electric & piston

    Pressure controlling




    Max.pressure (bar)


    Spraying pressure (bar)

    150-200bar (L/min)

    3 L/min

    Max.tip size (inch)


    Max.hose length (m)


    Hose operating pressure


    Hose exploded pressure


    Electric Motor

    Permanent magnetDCmotor

    Paint viscosity

    Medium to high

    both water-based & oil-based?


    Net weight


    Gross weight


    Carton size

    49x49x63 cm

    Spare parts for repairing

    1. Piston rod.
    2. V-Packing set
    3. Airless tip / tip gasket / tip guard / filter.

    Contents in package

    Airless pump, airless spray gun with 517 tip, 5/16*15m hose,  50cm extension pole, suction tube, lubricating oil, manual.


    -Fluid Flow > Pumps
    -Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Hydraulic Equipment
    -Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Equipment

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    Portable airless sprayer in CH type

    DP-6820 airless paint sprayer (1HP 2.0L) is equipped on a chromed wheeled cart. This unit can handle most kinds of small to medium size painting jobs indoor & outdoor, for coating of stains, lacquer, colorant, enamel, acrylic, latex etc. No matter it’s water-based or oil-based. Kit include 15m hose, airless spray gun with 517 spray tip & built-in filter, and one extra diaphragm for replacing, manual.

    Features include: 

    Chrome coated wheeled cart

    Wheeled chrome coated cart, for easy moving, and hose storing. Easy to move it.

    TEFC induction motor

    TEFC induction motor with guaranteed reliable quality. No carbon brush, no spark. And very low noise.

    Reliable pressure control valve

    Reliable mechanical pressure control valve, performs like a electronic one.

    Stainless steel suction tube

    Stainless steel suction tube with 2-layers inlet filter, and easy screw-in connector to the inlet valve.

    Quality proven inlet/outlet valves

    Stainless steel + tungsten of carbide inlet/outlet valve ensure you 100% good performance.

    It’s adaptable for use with a paint roller attachment for interior projects.

    Supports hose length up to 45m maximum, and max.0.019″ spray tip

    Ideal for small contractors, and large painting project.

    Technical data for 6820 campbell type airless sprayers:

    Model number.



    Electric & diaphragm

    Pressure controlling




    Max.pressure (bar)

    227bar/3300psi (L/min)

    2.0 L/min

    Max.tip size (inch)


    Max.hose length (m)


    Hose operating pressure


    Hose exploded pressure


    Electric Motor

    Induction motor (brushless)

    Paint viscosity

    Low to Medium

    both water-based & oil-based?


    Net weight


    Gross weight


    Carton size

    48.5×48.5×63 cm

    Spare parts for repairing 1. Diaphragm.
    2. Outlet valve
    3. Inlet valve
    4. Airless tip / tip gasket / tip guard / filter
    Contents in package Airless paint sprayer,  airless spray gun with 517 tip, 1/4*15m hose,   repair kit, manual.


    -Fluid Flow > Pumps
    -Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Adhesives
    -Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Coatings and Sealants

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    pneumatic airless sprayers

    K301 pneumatic airless sprayer is Professional sprayer equipped with stainless steel fluid pump, all the web parts are made of stainless steel material. So this unit is suitable for all kinds of sealers, topcoats, primers and wiping stains, colorant, varnish, lacker, in medium to high viscosity.  Ideal for wood finish / furniture painting / surface painting jobs.

    Features include:

    Proven quality of mechanical reverse system

    High quality pneumatic airless paint sprayer with reliable Mechanical transducer / reverser, quick action and no ice low air consumption. Provides higher efficiency & minimum maintenance, for industrial usage.

    Stainless steel fluid pump

    K301 use Hardened stainless steel fluid pump and stainless steel piston rod, could be used for both oil-based and water-based coating

    Durable v-packings

    Teflon + Leather V-packings will always works like new,  only replace it once per year. Save you time and money on your maintenance and repairing.

    Compact size and light weight

    Small size and light weight, ideal for furniture painting, factory, steel structure, etc. Commercial or industrial painting jobs which last 12 hours every day.

    Built-in air filter group

    Equipped with air filter regulator & lubricator for easy air controlling, filtering, and lubricating. Surely prolong the machine’s lifetime and performance.

    Large manifold filter

    The large manifold filter will always ensure you equal and nice finishing without pressure fluctuate. Meanwhile reduce the tip clogging also.

    Pneumatic big wheels

    The inflating pneumatic wheels for easy moving on rugged jobsite roads.

    AAA (Air-assisted airless) for K151

    The K151 could be produced in air-assisted airless type, attached with AA airless gun, provide perfect atomization and great finishing results, especially for furniture woodworking nice finish.

    Technical data:

    Model No.


    Fluid pressure ratio


    Max. paint delivery (L/min)


    Max. Pump Speed

    100  cycles per min

    Stroke (mm)


    App. Air consumption at 6bar

    200 L/min

    Air Compressor Pressure

    5-8 bar

    Noise Level  (dBa)


    Maximum Discharge pressure

    240 bar

    Air Inlet (inch)


    Fluid Outlet (inch)


    NM (kgs)


    GW (kgs)


    Packing size


    Contents in package Airless pump,  airless spray gun with tip,   high pressure painting hose, repair kits, manual.




    -Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Hydraulic Equipment
    -Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Control Valves, Regulators and Filters
    -Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Equipment

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    Gasoline / Petro engine airless painting sprayer machine

    The DP-6845 Petrol Airless Sprayer equipped with reliable Honda GX160 gasoline engine, Ideal for new construction, or outdoor / exterior project where the electricity is not available.

    Attached with belt-driven diaphragm pump which generate 4.5L delivering capacity, capable of supporting large tip size, and double guns spraying on big jobs.  It could be used for most kinds of large painting jobs.


    The valves are precised machined in stainless steel + tungsten carbide material for long life.

    Adjustable pressure control 0-3650psi / 250bar.

    Powered by 4hp Honda GX160 Petrol Motor.

    Reliable mechanical pressure control design with no electronic.

    Chrome trolley telescoping handle with hose wrap, Quick easy maneuverability.

    Pneumatic tires for easy transportation on rugged construction job-site.

    Could be used for indoor / outdoor panting, acrylics, enamels, latex, primer, floor painting, fire-proofing etc. From medium to high viscosity.


           Technical data        DP-6845
            Engine power        4hp 3000Watts
            Max. pumping capacity        4.5 L/min (1.16GPM)
           Max. nozzle size        up to 0,031″
           Max. pressure        250bar / 3630psi
          Weight        64kg (140 Lbs)


    -Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Coatings and Sealants
    -Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Plastics, Polymers and Elastomers
    -Mechanical Components > Industrial Tools

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