engineering fundamentals ! Brass fasteners Brass Inserts Brass Screws Nuts india

! Brass fasteners Brass Inserts Brass Screws Nuts india












exporters and suppliers of




Brass Anchors 


Metric Fasteners Brass Metric Fittings 


Brass Fasteners

Brass Inserts Brass Moulding Inserts


Bolts Nuts Industrial Fasteners India Din 933 Din 934


Brass Machine Screws

Brass Spacers Brass Standoffs 


Brass Slotted Anchors Concrete Anchors Anchor Fasteners  


Brass Terminal Blocks Earth Bars Earth Blocks  


Brass Square Nuts Square Head Bolts Threaded Fasteners  


Brass Nuts  

Phillips Head Screws Cross Head Screws Brass Screws 


Brass Screws 

Brass Threaded Fasteners Stainless Steel Threaded Fasteners 


Brass Wood Screws 

Brass Nuts Brass Bolts 


Brass Expansion Anchors Door Anchors Fasteners & Wedge Anchors


Brass fasteners

















Brass Hex Nuts DIN 934 

Brass Jam Nuts DIN 936

Brass Square Nuts DIN 557  

Brass Dome Nuts Cap Nuts Acorn Nuts DIN 1587  

Brass Hexagonal Thin Nuts DIN 439/ ISO 4035 


Brass Hexagonal Coupling Nuts DIN 6334







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Related Product Categories
Industrial Computers and Components
Data Acquisition
The process and the technology of retrieving data from processes with the purpose of analyzing it.
RAID products include component within a RAID system, such as RAID controllers and RAID disk arrays.
Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling
Heating and Cooling
Ovens, furnaces, induction heaters, welding equipment, heat exchangers, fans, blowers, refrigerators, baths and other equipment for heating or cooling materials.
Industrial Assembly
Tools, equipment, and supplies for industrial fabrication, assembly, and prototyping.
Scientific Instruments
A microscope is an instrument capable of producing a magnified image of a small object.
Safety Equipment
Equipment used in a laboratory setting to protect workers from harmful gases and chemicals.
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