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Strainsert, an industry leader in force and load sensor technology located in Philadelphia, PA since 1960, designs and manufactures standard and custom load transducers for a wide range of military, aerospace, marine and automotive applications on the ground, underwater and in space.



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Load Pins

A unique strain gage transducer developed by Strainsert, the load sensing clevis pin or bolt is uses the internal strain gage process that Stainsert has perfected over the last forty years and has used for bolts and flat load cells. The force sensing clevis pin provide percision force measurement by replacing existing shear pins, clevis pins, shear axles or other varieties of pinned joints used in the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Military industries.

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Force Sensing Bolts and Studs

Strainsert's Force Sensing Bolts bring precision force measurement in a variety of configurations, such as 12-point, hex head, or many other types of custom/unique bolts designs used in Automotive, Military and Aerospace research, testing and control applications.

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Load Cells

For over 45 years, Strainsert has designed and manufacutred the very best in precision load cellsStrainsert's load cells are created with the same proprietary unique strain gaging technique perfected over the last half century and utilized in Strainsert Bolts, Load Pins, and Tension Links for many testing, research and control applications.

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Force Sensing Tension Links

Utilizing the internal strain gage process perfected during the last forty five years, Strainsert manufactures its force sensing tension link with the same successful process it uses for its bolts, Load Pins, and Flat Load Cells. The sensing element consists of a strain gage bridge circuit internally installed in a small hole along the longitudinal axis offering a unique arrangement that offers the most effective means for the protection and sealing of the internal electronics while minimizing the unwanted effects of extraneous torsional and bending loads.

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Strainsert is a proud provider of a variety of instruments, including robust digital load indicators and signal conditioning amplifiers with a wide scale of different configurations, each dependent on the application requirements. Many of the digital load indicators are available with AC, DC or battery-input power to allow ease of use in the lab or in the field. The digitial load indicators are available with options that include 0-10VDC and 4-20ma outputs, RS-232 or RS-485 digital outputs, relay setpoints and peak hold.

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