engineering fundamentals * Precision Brass parts Components India

* Precision Brass parts Components India


     brass cable glands   Brass Cable Glands
    brass nuts   Brass Nuts
    brass inserts   Brass Inserts
    brass ppr fittings   Brass PPR Fittings



Brass Neutral links Neutral Bars
Brass Terminals Terminal Blocks
Brass Electrical Pins Socket Pins
Brass Lamp Parts lamp Components 

Brass CNC parts CNC Components
Brass Machined Parts
Precision Brass Turned Components
Brass Forged Parts Forgings
Brass Stamped Parts Components
Precision Brass Screw Machine Parts
Brass Battery Terminals / Battery Connectors
Brass Transformer Parts

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Related Product Categories
Electrical and Electronic Components
Electrical Distribution and Protection Equipment
Equipment used to distribute power and protect other equipments and systems from current or voltage surges.
Electrical Testing Equipment
Electrical testing instruments for current leakage and insulation resistance measurements.
Used for enclosing or containing electrical, electronic, or mechanical components, or to provide protection for their operators.
Mechanical Components
Gaging and Shop Tools
Hand tools, power tools and equipment for metrology, inspection and quality control that are designed for production or machine shop floor use.
Includes all power transmission gear types and reducers, geometry and materials, including English and metric designs.
Heaters and Heating Elements
Electrical resistance heaters or their internal elements; designed to provide an integrated thermal source for products or systems.
Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
Microprocessors and microcontrollers are IC chips that perform arithmetic and logic operations.
Passive IC components do not amplify signals and do not require any power (bias) to operate. Examples of these devices include resistors, inductors, potentiometers, and capacitors.
Power and Power Management IC
Power and power management ICs are used to monitor, control, apply, and distribute power to systems such as microprocessors.
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