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Related Product Categories
Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives
Ceramics and Glass
Any man-made solid produced by the fusion or sintering of mineral substances in a kiln or hard, heat resistant substances such as fire clay, bricks or blocks.
Coatings and Sealants
Liquid and viscous compounds used between surfaces to contain fluids, prevent leaks, and prevent infiltration of unwanted material. May also include compounds for filling gaps or seams.
Metals and Alloys
Any of various opaque, fusible, ductile, and typically lustrous substances that are good conductors of electricity and heat, form cations by loss of electrons, and yield basic oxides and hydroxides.
Scientific Instruments
Test Equipment
Instruments used to test, analyze, control, calibrate, display and record data in laboratory and other testing situations.
Thermal Processing
Autoclaves, furnaces, ovens, heating mantles, hot plates, incubators, refrigerators and freezers and and other equipment for laboratory heating or cooling applications.
Water Quality Instruments
Instruments and sensors designed to test water for a variety of chemical and biological agents as well as clarity, rate of movement, etc.
Test and Measurement
Analytical Instruments
A wide classification of instruments that are used to analyze material samples, or their components, and record data specific to the application.
Calibration, Standards and Reference Sources
Calibration instruments, standards and references consist of an accurate meter or provide a precision source value.
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