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Huangshi Huilong Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Huangshi Huilong Special Steel Co., Ltd was established in 1996. The company is a hightech enterprise professionally integrating excellent steel development, smelting, and processing. We supply  series of cold working, hot working and plastic die steel, highspeed steel, high alloy tool steel, stainless steel, etc. Our company has topranking production technology and complete testing methods for production processes such as smelting, smithing, rolling, etc. We could offer the best quality, service and pricing in the business.


We coule offer the following steels:

· Hot work tool steels*

· Cold work tool steels

· High speed steels

· Maraging steels

· Age hardening stainless steels


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Address Shannan Industrial Park, Huangshi City, Hubei Province, China
Country United States
Telephone 86 714 6306580
Fax 86 714 3805485
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3Cr2W8V(H21)--Mould steel

high intensity and hardness fine hardenability

high resistance to thermal fatigue

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