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Nanjing Yodoly Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. is a collection of research and development, design, production and installation for the integration of large-scale modern logistics equipment manufacturing company.
The company by the high quality product, the reasonable price and the thorough careful service, has won the customers' reliance.
The company has dozens of all kinds of professional and technical engineers and skilled stuff, more than50 sets of excellent specialized production equipment.
Our products are widely used in machine manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, automobile manufacturing etc


pallet racking, light and medium duty racking, cantilever racking, drive-in racking, push-back racking, mold racking, gravity shelve.

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pallet racking

Product Description
pallet racking is a  effective storage system. suitable for all kinds of forklift deposit or withdrawal.
Product Feature
Good appearance easy to install or remove
Electostatic powder coating surface
cold rolling steel
reasonable price and careful service
Product Specification/Models
upright size 60x50, 68x50, 90x68, 100x68, 120x95
beam size
box type:80x50, 100x50, 120x50, 140x50
tube type: 50x30, 60x40, 80x50 100x50 
Step type: 50x30, 60x40, 80x50
Z type: 60x40, 80x40

-Material Handling and Packaging > Shelving and Racking

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cantilever racking

Product Description
cantilever racking used in long shape, plate, ring-type material storage, man and forklift accessible,
frictional high strength bolts ensure the safety of rack
Product Feature
Good looking Safe to use
High Loading Effeciency

-Material Handling and Packaging > Industrial Storage

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light duty racking

nice surface. Super quality, simple and quick installation. Used in family and office storage solution

-Material Handling and Packaging > Shelving and Racking

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