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Hebei Pengda Shale Shaker Screen Factory is a professional company specializing in the production of shale shaker screen. The company is located in Hebei-Anping which is close to a big northern Chinese port - Tianjin Port. So it enjoys the strategic location and convenient transportation.

Founded in 1992, our company covers an area of 18,000 square meters and registers 8.8 million RMB. After several years of unremitting efforts, the annual output has reached 22 million RMB and the company enlists 200 employees including 45 professional and technical staff. The company owns the most advanced equipment, strong technical force, scientific process, quality inspection system. Our company always adheres to using the high-quality raw material, being responsible to the control of quality and establishing the principle-- "with quality to survival, with credibility to development". Our main products are all through strict quality inspection, so it is no doubt the product quality has met the international standards. Our products are trusted by foreign customers and then popularly sold in more than 40 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Australia.


Shale shaker screen, vibrating screen, wedge wire screen, rimped wire mesh

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Hook Strip Soft Screen

Hook strip soft screens are used in the early shale shakers. The screen panel is stuck with two stainless steel layers together. These products have low prices and are used conveniently. We can supply the screens with mesh sizes ranging from 20 to 80.

Feature of hook strip soft screen
1: Hook strip soft screen is mounted on suitable shaked by hook stripe. Because it has no metal backing plate, it has more effective surface.
2: The wire of the bottom layer is much coarse . So the bottom layer can supply sieving action and at the same time, it can act as the support plate to ensure useful life.


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Wedge Wire Screen

We supply wedge wire screen or profile screen in flat, curved or cylindrical panels made of looped, round and/or wedge shaped woven wires for precise openings.

Wedge wire screen is supplied in stainless steel and other special steel metals and alloy metal screens, mainly used on dewatering equipment.

Wedge wire screen is made with certain size of woven wire cloth as screen fabrics, then framed with stainless steel or coated carbon steel plates.

Wedge Wire Screen Types:
Panel shape wedge wire screen;
Cylinder shape wedge wire;
Wedge wire grids;
Wedge wire screen sieves.

Wedge Wire Screen for Liquid/Solid Separation:
Solids removal from process wastewater;
Lake and river water intake screens;
Fiber removal;
Screen cylinders for rotary screens;
Recovering solids;
Pulp thickening;
Heavy media recovery;
Product dewatering;
Sieve Bend Screen surfaces.

Wedge Wire Screen for Sizing, Straining and Filtering:
In-line strainers to minimize the lose of media;
Resin Traps used as an effluent strainer;
Sizing of solids;
Pressure screens;
Filtering particles from treated fluid;
Strainers for pump or compressor protection.

Wedge Wire Screen for Collection:
Support grids for uniform fluid collection in media filter;
Hub lateral screen systems;
Header lateral screen systems;
Collection of treated liquid in treatment vessels;
Filter nozzles for tube sheets;
Upflow Clarifiers;
Gravity filter underdrain systems.

Wedge Wire Screen for Retention:
Retaining media and collecting the treated liquid;
Carbon retention screens in carbon-in-pulp tanks;
Flooring for germination, malt kiln, grain drying rooms;
Catalyst retention in catalytic reactors;
Fish protection / diversion screens.


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Perforated Metal Mesh

Perforated metal mesh is widely used as filters, guards, diffusers, strainers, vents, sorting, enclosures, architectural accents, grills, baskets, racks, etc.
The material of the perforated metal are stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized low carbon plate, brass plate, etc.
With more than 15 years’ experience in this line, Pengda Shale Shaker Screen Factory specialize in Perforated Metal with Round, Square, Hex, Oblong, round end slot, and Ornamental Patterns. The plate thickness we can deal with is from 0.1mm to 25mm, and the hole size is from 0.1mm to 100mm.


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Crimped Wire Mesh

The crimped wire mesh is woven by pre-crimped wire. The most widely used material for the crimped mesh is High Tensile Steel which guarantee an optimum resistance to abrasion under the toughest conditions. Also we can manufacture the screen with stainless steel wire, brass wire, etc. It is widely used in mining, coal factory, construction and food processing industries. Pre-crimped weaves are preferred for vibrating screens and many other applications where operating condition is very tough.
Weaving type: plain crimped, double intermediate crimped, lock crimped, flat top crimped.


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Frame Pyramid Screen

We can produce the frame pyramid screen with steel frame. Compared with the pretensioned screen, the Pyramid screen can large increase the screen area.
Property :The effective area is 125% to 150% of flat screens. Without changing the construction of shakers, the using of the frame pyramid screens can improve the quality of drilling fluid and increase the production.
Sizes :We can supply pyramid screens with mesh sizes ranging from 60 to 250.


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