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Manufacturer of Aluminum Checker PlateSteel Checker PlateChecker Plate Flooring, Stainless Steel Checkered Plate, Aluminum Perforated Plate,Aluminum Expanded Plate and other.

Aluminum plates including aluminum diamond plates, aluminum checker plates, aluminum tread plates and more.

We can supply several dimensions of checker plate from stock.



Checker plate, aluminum checker plate, steel checker plate, diamond plate

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Embossed Tread Plate


We can offer embossing on a variety of materials.

Finished products are mainly metal tread plates of various sizes. 
Our embossed tread plates have reduced cost and ease of application. Embossing is a process where a die is pressed into the back of a nameplate to raise the letters or other design elements to add depth, class and eloquence to an otherwise ordinary design.

Embossed Tread Plate provides superior anti-slip safety. It is resistant to weathering, corrosion and contact with chemicals and remains truly slip resistant when surface is wet or oily.

Embossed Tread Plate features:
Truly Slip Resistant.
Meets New Industry Safety.
Regulations from the NFPA.
Durable and Weather Resistant.
Bright Reflective Surface.


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Non Slip Stair Treads


Non slip diamond pattern stair tread has a male/female interlocking design and can be installed over structural members to provide a solid, skid resistant flooring.

Non-slip solid tread plates can be used to cover surfaces with holes to allow for wheelchair and high heel traffic. Optional edge bands or wedges along the length of the panels, make it easier for wheelchairs and other wheel cart traffic to roll up onto the floor surface. The two styles of edge bands are "A" and "B".

Non Slip Treads are an indoor, outdoor, home or commercial aluminum non slip surface that is an alternative to non skid tape. Non slip stair treads are designed to be used on any surface including wood, concrete, masonry or aluminum stairs, decks and marine surfaces. Featuring a lifetime warranty these inexpensive, easy to install, non skid strips will increase safety and save you money. Additionally, non slip stair treads are safe for the environment and will reduce/eliminate the need for salt.


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Aluminum Checker Plate


Characteristics and benefits: light weight transport sector is required, the best comer of an aluminum alloy step. Increase the energy-saving effect.
Applicationschecker plate floor, such as van-type vehicle catwalk flooring, wood step of the bus or truck, train inspection hole lid, tank car, the car cold storage.

Characteristics and benefits: because the excellent corrosion resistance in seawater, requires no resistance such as repainting. It can be used with confidence for many years.
Applications: corridor and bridges over the lid and floors, stairs, cabin deck, fish tank, gangway to the floating dock.

Characteristics and benefits: corrosion resistance of the step corner has been utilized shopping and tourist attractions that require aesthetics, such as collective for many years.
Applications: floors, stairs, shelves, such as gutter lid, the bicycle.

Characteristics and benefits: harmless because it is also suitable for container species, such as facilities and chemical plants and food plant is excellent in chemical resistance.
Applications: bench floor and stairs, equipment/ plant machinery, such as ambulatory inspection.

Characteristics and benefits: because it has many excellent characteristics. Not only as a materials step, has also been used in the case and ornaments.
Applications: such as a deck ladder, ladder, showcase, temporary scaffolding, the structure of marine.


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Galvanized Steel Checker Plate


Hot-dipped galvanized steel checker plate information

Our checker plate products are all galvanized steel sheet. We deliver precision products to set up a specialized line checked steel plate leveler.

Rust, looks better in appearance a gulp.
Excellent weather resistance.
Stock has a wide range.
Switch plate has a cut of from plating after cutting dimensions. Blank plating both responds to the consultation.
Shortening delivery time, we will ship cheap.
We will also undertake plated ready-made stairs, expanded metal, such as anti-ship.
We have also provided galvanized checker plate.


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Checker Plate Flooring

Checker plate flooring is also known as tread plate, floor plate, checker plate, checkered plate, checkered floor plate, checker plate and check plate.

Checker Plate has many applications but its main use is for protection. Its decorative and industrial appearance also generates interest with designers and it can often be found included in architecture and the decor of buildings.

It is a very hard wearing and strong grade of aluminum, Alloy 5754, it has excellent corrosion resistance and will withstand sea water and much pollution. Grade 5754 is excellent for welding and cold working.

Typical applications for Checker Plate:
Floor Covering for hygiene and slip resistance.
Wall and column protection to prevent impact damage where hand trucks, trolleys, sack carts etc are operated.
Door protection as kick plates or as a full door cladding.
Commercial vehicle and vans.
Access ramp covering for wheelchairs.
Livestock trailer tailgate ramps and flooring.
Land rover and other 4 x 4 off road vehicle body protection, bonnets, wings, sills, corners, floors, bumpers, mud flaps, door plates, side plates, load area plates.
Truck Bed Tool Boxes.
Stair treads, step ladders, walkways.
Shop front facial for vandal protection.

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