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Anping Hexagonal wire netting


Anping Hexagonal wire netting in 2001 with an emphasis like we have today: quality. It became real after we produce and export big volume of galvanized hexagonal wire netting, PVC hexagonal wire netting, gabions, chicken wire.


This company is equipped with first-class wire mesh machine and technology to provide first-class hexagonal wire netting products for worldwide customers. For years, Anping Hexagonal wire netting has been well known for its good reputation and reliable services in the market both China and abroad. We are now seeking more direct business with global customers as we have expanded our productive capacity.


Anping Hexagonal wire netting mainly produces woven wire netting in hexagonal wire netting, gabion box, chicken wire  and other wire netting products. 


Anping Hexagonal wire netting  has been providing good quality products for customers, and will do better in future business with experiences accumulating and technology improvement. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry.



We provide Gabion Sacks, River Gabion Mattresses, Gabion Baskets, Woven Mesh Gabions, Stucco Netting and the others.

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sell Quality Gal. Hexagonal Wire Mesh


Hexagonal wire netting can be made into different types according to the netting treatment, processing, material used or according to the application. We have commonly three processing methods to make products of different features: straight twisted, reverse twisted and double twisted strengthened.


Materials applied for hexagonal wire mesh are galvanized iron, stainless steel, plastic coated iron wire or even brass wire.


Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh:

Hexagonal wire mesh can be made of galvanized iron wire, electro galvanized or hot dipped zinc plated.


Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting has the features of corrosion-resisting, oxidation-resisting and rust resisting.

Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Netting Application: As fences, chicken wire, stucco netting, or made into gabions or baskets for protection.


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PVC Hexagonal Wire Netting


PVC Hexagonal wire netting made of carbon steel wire going through plastic coating has more beautiful colors and choices for customers.

PVC Hexagonal wire netting Materials: Carbon steel wire

PVC Hexagonal wire netting Colors available: Green, white, grey, others.

PVC Hexagonal wire netting Processing: Straight twist, reverse twist and straight-reverse twisting.

PVC Hexagonal wire netting Application: Plastic coated hexagonal wire netting is mainly used as poultry netting, chicken wire, expressway fences, protection and heat preservation material in construction, petroleum, chemical industry, breeding and garden fencing.


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sell Quality S.S Hexagonal Wire Mesh


S.S Hexagonal Wire Mesh:  Hexagonal opening wire netting made of stainless steel.


Features: This kind of hexagonal mesh has excellent corrosion resistance, alkali and acid resistance.


Application: Used as wire mesh fences or reinforcement in construction, or chicken wire , gabion box


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sell High Quality Chicken Wire


Chicken wire, or poultry netting, is a mesh of wire commonly used to fence poultry livestock. It is made of thin, flexible stainless steel, heavy galvanized wire or carbon steel wire, with hexagonal gaps. Available in 1 inch (about 2.5 cm) diameter, 2 inch (about 5 cm) and 1/2 inch (about 1.3 cm), chicken wire is available in various wire gauges usually 19 gauge (about 1 mm wire) to 22 gauge (about 0.7 mm wire).


Chicken wire is occasionally used to build spacious yet inexpensive cages for small animals (or to protect plants and property from animals) ,and the thinness and zinc content of galvanized wire may be inappropriate for animals prone to gnawing .


The hexagonal opening mesh can keep chicken in allowing big air flow and enabling the feeding easy for the farmers.


Chicken wire colors can be galvanized bright, green coated as the most popular.


Hexagonal mesh is very commonly used in feeding of chicken fabricating into baskets, also used as fences for animals.


Sizes of chicken wire vary according to the customers requirements.


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sell High Quality Poultry Netting

Poultry Netting is a kind of hexagonal wire mesh twisted with galvanized iron wire, mostly for fencing and feeding of poultry and livestock. Poultry farmers, pet owners and gardeners will appreciate how easy it is to use hexagonal wire mesh to construct poultry and pet pens, or to build pest-resistant garden barriers.


Also known as poultry wire, poultry fences, hexagonal wire netting is made of low carbon iron wire offering firm structure and flat surface. It is extensively used in industrial and agricultural constructions as reinforcement and fencing. It is also used as Fence for Poultry Cage, Fishing, Garden and Children playground, etc.


Poultry netting fences is fabricated from galvanized wire netting or plastic coated wire netting, etc.


The uniform hexagon mesh is reinforced with supplemental horizontal wires, so fencing, pens and barriers stay straight and upright.


The poultry netting is galvanized before weaving to last longer and resist rust and corrosion. The hexagonal wire netting is easier to handle because of its normal twist and reverse twisted weave.

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