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Anping Leaion Iron Nails Factory


Anping Leaion Iron Nails Factory is one of the leading manufacturer of common nails as well as other Nails products in  China.

Since its foundation in the year 1985, this factory is engaged in production and export of Common Nails, Iron Nails, Wire Nails, Brass Nails, Finishing Nails, Stainless Steel Nails, Concrete Nails, Roofing Nails, Coil Nails, Plastic Strip Nails, Common Round Nails, Bullet Head Nails, Horseshoe Nails, Paper Strip Nails, etc.


Our main export markets are Asia, South America and Europe. We enjoy a high reputation among our distributors and customers. We have been awarded as one of the best suppliers from fortune 500 clients in the last several years. We also consider supplying products to other markets.


If you are interested in any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to forming business relationships with customers from all over the world.



We mainly provide Cement Nails, Black Concrete Nails, Cut Masonry Nail, Galvanized Framing Nail, Wire Nails and the others.

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Country China
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sell Various Types Building nails


Building nails are made of low-carbon wire (non-plated steel wire without heat treatment). The materials are also galvanized wire nails, steel wire nails and brass or copper types.

Shank Dia

 d, mm Nail length I, mm Mini head Dia

D, mm Shank Dia

d, mm Nail length

I, mm Mini head Dia

  D, mm

1,8 32 



60 3,5 3,5 90 7,0

  4,0 100 

120 7,5

2,0 40 

50 4,0 5,0 120 

150 9,0

2,5 50 

60 5,0 6,0 150 

200 11,0

3,0 70 

80 6,0  


-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Metals and Alloys

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sell Various Sizes Fluted Nail


Fluted Nail:


Head Height: 0.118

Head Diameter: 0.435

Head Style: Flat Top Pan

Coating: CR-10

LENGTH: - 2" & 2.1/2"


Coating: CR-10 corrosion resistant coating exhibits less than 15% red rust after 30 Kesternich cycles.  CR-10 coating exceeds F.M. Approval Standard 4470.


-Material Handling and Packaging > Hazardous Material Storage

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sell Various Types Iron Nails


Iron Nails 

Material: Q195 , Q235

Size  : 3/4"x18G, 1"X14G, 1.5"X14G, 2"X12G, 2.5"X11G, 3"X10G, 4"X9G, 4.5"X9G, 5.5"X4G, 6"X6G .etc.

Finished: Good polished, flat head, diamond point,

Our products include corrugated nails, common round nails and steel nails. We have the full set of equipments on the most advanced production line.

Common Steel Nails

Character: Diamond point, polished

Length  : 3/8''----7 ''

Concrete Nail

Standard: DIN GB 

Specification: Diameter: 2.2-6mm

Length: 15-200mm

Material: High-quality Carbon-Steel Q235 1022A 

Feature: Flat Head and Sunken Head, Round shank or Lined shank, Diamond Point, Needle Point

Finish: Polished, Electric Galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Black Finished

Packing: According to customer's requirement.


-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Inspection Tools

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sell Quality Common Nails


Common nails, Common round nail

1. Material: High quality low carbon steel Q195 or Q215 or Q235

2.Finish : good polished, flat head, diamond point, hot-galvanized/electro-galvanized, smooth shank 

3. The length: 0.5''- 6'' (12.7mm-152.4mm) 

4.The diameter: BWG19- BWG5 

5. Packing: 20-30kg/carton, or inside have the small boxes or bags.

 Or in according to the customer requirement 

6. Delivery time: within 15 days after contract 

7. It is used in construction and other industry fields. 


We have built a whole set of effective management system from raw materials procurement, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, transport and delivery to the after-sales service.

All Kinds of Nails 

Our plant produces various nails, including the steel collated nails, headless nails, steel sheet nails, concrete nails, screwed nails, twisted nails, square boat nail, corrugated nails, felt nails, drywall nails, drilling nails, self tapping screws, etc. A variety of nail products in good quality. We can also make nails to meet your special requirements.


-Material Handling and Packaging > Tilt Tables

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sell Various Types Drywall Screw Nails

The drywall screw is a specialize self tapping needle point screw designed for general fixing of drywall to timber and thin steel up to 0.6mm thick. Typical applications are walls, ceilings and partitions. They feature a twin-fast thread for quick penetration into the application.

Drywall screw features:

Corrosion resistant self-tapping zinc plated steel screws with countersunk cross-heads.

Drywall Screws are designed for fixing Gyp-roc plasterboards to Gyp-frame metal framing less than 0.8mm gauge ('I' studs less than 0.6mm gauge). For thicker gauges of Gyp-frame use British Gypsum Jack-Point Screws.


Ensure a minimum penetration of 10mm into metal framing, through the board.

Technical Info:

Nail diameter: #6, 7, 8, 10.

Nail length: From 13mm or 1/2 inches to 254mm or 10 inches.

Material: C1022.

Finish: Black, yellow zinc coated, blue plated, etc.

Head type: Pan, bugle, etc.

Thread type: Coarse or fine.

Drive: Philips.

Packing: In bulk or small packing according to the customers requirements.

-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Industrial Assembly

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