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Hebei KenJoy Wrought Iron Fence Co. Ltd.

Wrought iron fences, make it easy for more and beautiful designs possible compared with fences of other materials types.

KenJoy is a Chinese company with a pivotal position in the wrought iron fences industry. The Company was formed through the vision of long term participation in metal fencing supply of China market and the world market.

KenJoy Wrought Iron Fence Co. Ltd. exports a range of wrought iron fences including: Wrought Iron Railings, Wrought Iron Gates , Wrought Iron Fence Panels, Wrought Iron Parts , Wrought iron picket fences, wrought iron ornamental fences, iron safety fencing, swimming pool safety fencing, wrought iron palisade fencing, temporary fencing and other metal fences.

Our expertise is based on manufacturing and exporting steel iron fences for commercial, civil and industrial uses. Hexi has been producing and selling wrought iron fences for 15 years. It has kept growing reaching an outstanding position among all the manufacturers of wrought iron ornamental fences in China.

Today thanks to the constant innovation and the dedication of our staff, we are having customers in all the main countries of the world. Our main objective is the never ending search for new, advanced technologies to be applied to our production process to keep our wrought iron fences in step with modern times.


We are the wrought iron fences and accessories supplier. The products include wrought iron fence, wrought iron parts, gates and railings. Palisade fences are also available.

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Wrought Iron Fences

We have a very elaborate design process were you can actually work directly with our professional design team. We use state of the art technology to demonstrate the end result before we begin production. We produce thousands of feet of fence per year, which is shipped all across North America. Not only can we design and produce fencing, but we also offer complete installation by our team of professionals. When we install fencing we create a substructure below the soil, fill with concrete and weld everything together. Welding creates a strong bond between the whole structure, far superior than any mechanical fitting. We only use the highest quality materials, and all pickets are solid steel. We are firm believers that the weight of the product determines the quality.

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Wrought Iron Railings

Wruoght iron is a great material for good railings. If you are looking for railings which unique, cheap and durable, wrought iron railings might be for you.

Although wrought iron railings are not very popular, wrought iron furniture are quite common nowadays. You can easily find benches, gates, chairs and much more made by the same material. These furniture could be easily found because they are normally not painted and often comes in a curvy look.

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Wrought Iron Gates




1) Available products:

a) Gates

b) Courtyard doors

c) Garden gates and doors

d) Security-doors, security-windows

e) Wrought iron gates and doors

f) Metal gates, metal doors

2) Surface finish:

a) Spray painted

b) Roast painted

c) Ancient-style painted

d) Power coated

e) Electric/hot dip galvanized

f) Prime coating

3) Material: mild steel

4) Customized orders can be produced according to client drawings or samples

Inner packing:

Plastic paper or watertight paper 

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Wrought Iron Fence Panels

All of our wrought iron fence panels offer a welded construction for superior strength and security. They are galvanized inside and out, then powder coated for long lasting durability. The finishing touch is a cast finial welded to the top of every picket!

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Wrought Iron Parts

We are a wrought iron parts wholesaler located in China.

Apart from kinds of wrought iron fences and railings, we also supply wrought iron parts or accessories and ornamental iron parts. They are collars and baskets, collars or knuckles.

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