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The Borescopestore was created by AIT to provide an optimal online experience for customers that need a remote inspection solution at an affordable price. AIT has compiled the best borescope, videoscope, fiberscope and pipe inspection camera tools possible. The borescope Store offers the best possible combination of quality equipment, knowledgeable staff, rapid service and low price.

AIT currently has customers in dozens of countries and five continents. Industries AIT serves include: power generation, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, precision manufacturing, process pants, aerospace and others. The borescope store now offers the same expertise to all professionals in plumbing, electrical, construction HVAC and other trades as well.






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Snakescope Borescope Inspection Camera


The Snakescope is the most versatile snake camera borescope for basic visual inspections. A fully adjustable screen and handle means you always have a comfortable boroscope view no matter where you’re using it.

Features and Benefits of the Snakescope Video Inspection Borescope

  • Small Diameter; 5.5mm (.21 in) flexible insertion tube allows the Snakescope to inspect inside smaller spaces than other borescope in its class.
  • Adjustable handle and LCD make the Snakescope the most ergonomic and easy to use video borescope. Other video inspection cameras are locked in a fixed position and not able to work well when look over the head or in low areas without crouching.
  • Interchangeable Probes allow you to change out different scope diameters of lengths depending on you need.
  • High resolution CMOS imager provides a superior image compared to other low cost snake inspection borescope cameras. The Snakescope Is Superior to Other Inspection Scopes Due To A 40% Higher Resolution Imager That Produces A Superior Image, Better Color Resolution, And Can See Objects 5 Times The Distance.
  • Digital zoom allows you to enhance your inspection images for greater detail.
  • Voice annotation allows you to keep verbal notes of your borescope inspection for later review.
  • Removable SD (up to 32GB) card allows you record video or still images and easily transfer your borescope inspection results to a PC for later review.
  • Standard AA battery power allows you to take the snake scope anywhere you need to conduct your inspection.


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Mincord Drain Pipe Inspection Camera


MiniCord Push Rod Drain Inspection Camera Features and Benefits

  • A removable SD Card records still images and video for later review and easy transfer to a PC for reporting or sharing via email.
  • Adjustable LED lighting allows adjustment of the image in extremely dark and highly reflective areas. This provides the optimum image for inspecting a variety of applications.
  • High resolution TFT display is the perfect combination of portability and high resolution.
  • Adjustable spring tension allows the drain camera or push rod camera head to be set in a variety of stiffness settings. This is superior to fixed springs on other pipe camera systems. The adjustable spring can make going around 90 degree bends or “P” traps easier.
  • Short cylindrical length of the drain camera heads allows the drain camera to more easily traverses 90-degree bends and allows inspection of smaller diameter pipelines than other designs.
  • Sapphire glass protects the objective lens for maximum durability to provide long life to the push rod or pipe camera system.


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Vis 340 Pan & Tilt Pipe Inspection Camera


Wohler 340 video pipe camera is a fully integrated, lightweight, portable and affordable push rod inspection camera system. The Vis 340 camera includes a unique pan & tilt camera head that allows for close inspection of pipes, ducts, chimneys, drains, behind walls and ductwork. Essential feature such as video recording, battery power, and push rod distance measurement make the Vis 340 inspection camera system perfect for many applications.

 Vis 340 Features and Benefits:

  • 360° degree pan and 180° tilt camera head: allows the Vis 340 push camera see in all directions. Other push rod inspection camera systems only see straight ahead and cannot see the detail of sidewalls like the Vis 340.
  • Large flip up 7 inch LCD: allows for optimal viewing. Other cameras for drains do use cumbersome old-fashioned monitors that are heavy and offer little true resolution.
  • SD Card Storage: The Wohler 340 inspection camera offers a removable SD card slot to easily record video. SD card storage is superior to USB thumb drive, DVD or tape recording. SD cards are able to record hours of video on the most modern and universally accepted recording media.
  • USB file transfer: The Vis 340 includes a USB connection to quickly transfer files directly to your PC. Direct USB file transfer is faster for transferring large video files compared to other media such as thumb drives, DVDs or videotape.
  •  Portability: The Vis 340 pipe 100-foot inspection camera weighs in at only 15 lb and is self-contained in a convenient system case. Other inspection or drain cameras have heavy metal storage reels and separate viewing monitors that add to their bulk and weight.
  • Battery Power: included with the Vis 340 are 2 batteries for extended use in the field when AC power is not available. This is superior to chimney, pipe, push and drain camera systems that rely on DC power only.
  • Digital Distance Meter: The Vis 340 reveals how far the push rod has travelled for better location of problem areas. This is better than guessing haw far a blockage is when is come time to make repairs.
  • Vis 340 Plus includes Additional One Inch Camera Head: Perfect for the smaller applications that require a smaller camera head. This enables the push camera to navigate tight pipes and passages that the standard pan and tilt will not.


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Ace Pro Videoscope


  • The Ace Pro is an extremely portable hand held video scope and can easily be transported from inspection to inspection with ease.
  • A Removable Internal battery allows you to conduct lengthy inspections (for up to 4 hours use) with out the need to be near AC Power.
  • 2-way articulation control with both the left and right sides makes navigating the videoscope easy.
  • High resolution CMOS imager provides extremely bright and crisp images in all conditions.
  • Powerful adjustable LED illumination makes inspection of the darkest areas possible.
  • The Ace Pro videoscope includes digital zoom to enhance inspection area for the greatest detail.
  • Point to point distance measurement makes it possible to approximate the size of object or defects without guessing.


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iRis DVR X Videoscope

iRis DVR X Videoscope Unique Features

  • 5.0“ / 12.7cm display: The large integrated display (5.0“ / 12.7cm) on the iRis DVR X videoscope system provides outstanding razor-sharp images.
  • At least 6hour operation time: Rechargeable high-capacity battery extends uninterrupted operation time up to 6 hours (6mm version). This is 3 times longer compared to most other portable systems.
  • 2.97lb / 1.35Kg: The iRis DVR X is one of the lightest portable videoscopes on the market. Compact dimensions and the robust design are further
  • Short rigid distal end: A very short rigid distal end enables extreme maneuvers while guiding the probe through tight and small radius maneuverability.
  • Advanced image sensor: An advanced state of the art “chip on the tip“ image sensor is the core element of the iRis DVR X and provides a high image quality.
  • 4-way articulation: Thanks to the non-motorized infinite joystick control, users can navigate the probe responsively with tactile feel and precise tip positioning.
  • 360° ergonomic: The iRis DVR X is the world‘s first portable videoscope with a 360° rotating LCD.
  • High Power LED: The LEDs are integrated into the tip and are characterized by their superior high-intensity white light.

iRis DVR X Videoscope Advanced Features

  • Digital video recording: Records every single movement of a component, fully digitally, in brilliant video quality.
  • Image capturing: At the push of a button, high-res inspection images are captured and stored on SDHC memory card.
  • Adjustable light intensity: 3-stage adjustable LED prevents overexposure, suppresses image noise arising from readjustment of camera electronics.
  • Digital 3.5x zoom: Thanks to the 3.5 times zoom, users won’t miss any detail of the visual inspection.
  • Video Borescope Measurement: The iRis DVR X uses the comparative measurement method to determine the size of a damaged spot.
  • Image annotation: By means of the integrated text generator, information can be directly written on the inspection image.
  • SmartView: The SmartView technology allows an external monitor or display to be connected to the iRis DVR X and enables viewing by a second person.
  • Adjustable light intensity: 3-stage adjustable LED prevents overexposure, suppresses image noise arising from readjustment of camera electronics.
  • Camera control: The iRis DVR X has different camera modes to provide well-balanced inspection images, even in extreme situations.
  • On-screen menu: Even first time users are intuitively guided through the on-screen menu.
  • Up to 32GB storage: Approx. 32,000 images or 500 hours of video recording fit onto a 32GB SD memory card.
  • Quick Start: Switch on and start. It’s that simple. No cables, no plugs, no long booting process, no warm-up phase.
  • AC power supply: The iRis DVR X can also be powered with an AC adapter connected
  • Robust and reliable: Only high-grade materials are used in the iRis DVR X. The extremely pliable articulation section ensures precision in control and provides maximum articulation angles.

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