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Anping HongSheng Steel Grating Factory


The Anping HongSheng Steel Grating Factory is located in “Chinese Wire mesh county” and “The basis of wire mesh industry in China”——Anping County.

It is comprehensive enterprise with scientific research, produce and management all in whole. The factory consists of RD, production, commerce and finance departments.With strong technical power, eating there are more than ten high and middle grades professional technicians to supply best design sevice for the customers with specific CAd designing system. The advanced equipments of manufacturing lines of press-welding steel grating have supplied a guarantee for good quality of steel grating.

It also has been awarded “Provincial Technology Enterprise” and “Contract-stressing Credit-keeping Enterprise' by relative provincial and municipal departments. Our products are sold to over 30 districts in China and also exported to many districts such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and Middle East.

The main products as various hot-dipped galvanized steel grating, compound steel grating, Standard pressure welding grating, compound steel grating, Standard pressure lock grating, Dense steel grating, Plug-grating, Heavy load grating, platform Grating, Staircase pedal, Ceiling grating, etc. HongSheng steel grating is widely used in the projects such as petro-chemical industry, firepower electric generation, water power industry, harbours and docks, pharmacy, auto manufacture, paper making, city planning and real estate, etc.

The Anping HongSheng Steel Grating Factory sincere hope and the domestic and foreign new old customers in the foundation which the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit, in a friendly way gathers, establishes the good trade relations, welcome various units coming person incoming letter to instruct the work to my enterprise, altogether will create the glorious future!



welded steel grating, pressure lock steel grating, plug grating, steel grating ceiling

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Welded Steel Grating


Mild steel - We utilize a high quality mild steel for load bearing bars, which exceeds the strength of ASTM A36, BS4360 Grade 43A and JIS G3101 SS400, KSD3505 SB41. This is particularly beneficial where a floor is subjected to wheel loads, as deflection becomes a subordinate consideration to the ability of the load bearing bar to withstand high stress. 

Stainless Steel – Floor can also be manufactured from stainless steel. The normal grade used are 304 and 316, but other grades can be considered upon request.

Manufacturing Standards 

HongSheng Gratings are designed and manufacture in accordance with relevant international standards. The figures found in the Load and Deflection tables are calculated in compliance to national standard, while the manufacture conforms to the requirement of international standard.

Common Sizes:

Pitch of Bearing Bar 

A center distance between the two bearing bars adjacent to each other. 

Common pitch : 30mm & 40mm 

Other : 12.5mm, 15mm, 25mm, 60mm 

Pitch of Cross Bar 

A center distance between the two cross bars adjacent to each other. 

Standard pitch : 50mm & 100mm.


Difference spacing of bearing bar & Cross bar can also be manufacture upon request.


Electro-Forged Steel Grating can be used as industrial trucks, stair treads and various floorings.


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Press-locked Steel Bar Grating


Pressure lock steel grating is a kind of high strength grating. It is a product featuring unique combination of uniformity and precision. It has light structure, elegant style, beautiful and natural design and it is maintenance-free. Press-locked steel grating is used in civilian and commercial buildings, theatres, subway, suburban railway, and other municipal engineering.

It exhibits the same strength, long life and openness as welded grating. Materials applied include mild carbon steel and stainless steel. It is also available in a serrated surface for extra safety.

Specify the following index for your requirements:

Height of End Plate (H);

Pitch of Cross Bar (CP);

Width of Grating (W);

Length of Grating (L);

Thickness of Bearing Bar (T);

Pitch of Bar (PB);

Height of Bearing Bar (H).


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Dense Steel Grating


Dense steel grating is welded steel grating that the spacing of bearing flat steel less than 25mm. Mainly used the occasion have higher request for steel grating.

Material: High quality low carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.

Specification: The space of flat steel is 12mm or 20mm, the spacing of horizontal pole is 30mm or 50mm.

Feature: In addition to having the advantage of appearance form and easy installation, also meet the request of special occasion pass through or leave out object size. For example, where the larger flow, can demand the request of Ms. high-heeled shoes walk; for industrial and mining enterprises, the request of doesn’t allowing large objects (such as the steel ball of the diameter less than 20mm) leave out.

Application: Main used for the occasion have higher request of steel grating, such as, ships, drilling platforms, offshore platforms, walkways, etc. to prevent objects falling. Also used factory aerial work platforms and high-level working platform shop, avoiding wound by the high-altitude litter.


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Plug Grating


Plug grating has been widely applied in foreign countries, are very common, and domestic just begun, step by step in the promotion phase. Plug-type flat steel grating sturdy and beautiful, has been a growing number of customers and engineering and technical personnel to accept and use.

Plug grating by a certain size carbon flat steel, stainless steel by the open bad (hole), plug, welding, finishing processes to create from. With lightweight, high strength, corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free, beautiful and many other advantages, are widely used in civilian and commercial buildings, theaters, metro, suburban railway and other public works areas, can be used for ceiling, indoor and outdoor decoration decoration, platform aisle, ventilation window ( Wells), advertising plaque, such as a variety of cover.


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Special-Steel Grating


HongSheng Steel Grating Factory is one of the largest producers of steel grating, is also a major manufacturers collection of R&D, production and sales.

We continuously improve product quality and production scale. The series of steel grating contain welded steel grating, pressure lock steel grating, plug grating, Steel grating ceiling, gully and well cover, compound steel grating, stair tread, platform steel grating, tree pool cover, galvanized steel grating, heavy duty steel grating. They are widely used in petroleum, chemical, ports, power, transportation, papermaking, foodstuff, medicine, steel, municipal, real estate, manufacturing, etc.

Our factory strives for the survival by the quality of the management idea, has a team which is engaged in production and manufacturing specialists for many years. Product quality can meet all the Chinese YB4001-1991, YB/T4001-1998 standards, and British BS4592-1-1995 and American ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-88) standard. At the same time, we also can design according to customer requirements of special- steel grating plate products.


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