engineering fundamentals A1 Brass Sanitary Fittings Bronze Castings Conduit Fittings Accessories Jamnagar

A1 Brass Sanitary Fittings Bronze Castings Conduit Fittings Accessories Jamnagar

Jamnagar Brass Fittings is a government registered export house and  ISO 9001:2000 Certified Brass manufacturing  unit  from Jamnagar Gujarat India Specializing in Brass  cable glands, Brass electrical Accessories, Brass Conduit fittings, Brass Screws, Brass Fittings, Brass inserts, Brass Nuts and Brass fasteners.

arrow1 Brass Cable Glands              arrow1 Earthing and Lighting Protection

cable-glands             brass-earthing-lighting-components 

arrow1 Brass Cable Glands Accessories  arrow1  Brass Fasteners    

brass-cable-glands-accessories                     brass-expansion-fasteners-brass-rivets 

arrow1  Brass Cable Lug Terminals        


arrow1 Brass Battery Terminals             


arrow1  Brass Nuts                                   

brass nuts panel nuts jam nuts     

arrow1 Brass Sanitary Fittings         


arrow1  Brass Tank Connectors               

brass-water- tank-connectors        

arrow1 Brass Conduit Fittings Accessories


arrow1 Conduit Fittings Accessories









Jamnagar Brass Fittings is specialized in manufacturing and exporting products like Brass Cable Glands, Cable Glands Accessories, Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Cable Lugs Terminals, Brass Nuts, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Conduit Fittings Accessories, Brass Fasteners, Brass Flare Fittings etc.

 arrow1 Brass Compression Fittings 


arrow1  Brass Flare Fittings 


arrow1 Brass Pneumatic Fittings


arrow1 Brass Casting Bronze Castings  


arrow1 Brass Anchors

brass anchor 1

arrow1 Brass Inserts


Contact Ketan Shah
Address Plot 10 B, GIDC Ind Estate,
Gujarat, Jamnagar - 361005
Country India
Telephone 912243449300
Fax 912222834046
 Showcase Products

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Brass Cable Glands


Brass Cable Glands :

We manufacture All Types Of Brass Cable Glands like A2 cable glandsbw2 cable Glandsbw4 cable glandscw4 cable glandse1w cable glands as per specifications and Drawings.


arrow1  A2 Cable Glands                            arrow1  BWF Cable Glands

a2-cable                     bwf-cable-glands   

arrow1  BW Cable Glands                              arrow1  CW Cable Glands                          

brass-bw3-cable-glands                        brass-cw-cable-glands

arrow1  E1W  Cable Glands                     arrow1  CXT Type Cable Glands

      brass-e1w-cable-glands-01                            brass cxt cable glands

arrow1  IP68 Cable Glands                          arrow1  Alco Cable Glands

ip68 cable gland                         brass-alco-cable-glands

arrow1  Wiping Cable Glands                        arrow1  PG Cable Glands

wiping-cable-gland                 brass-cable-glands-pg 


-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Hydraulic Equipment
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Castings
-Mechanical Components > Cables and Wire Guides

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Brass Flare Fittings Parts


Brass Flare Fittings :

We manufacture Brass Flare Fittings like Elbow Tube To FPTElbow Tube to MPTElbow 45° Tube To MPT  as per customer specifications and Drawing. We also produce Brass Flare NutBrass Flare UnionsBrass Flare TeeBrass Flare 90 Degree Elbow etc.




arrow1  Brass Flare Nut                           arrow1  Brass Flare Union                           

brass-long-flare-nut   flare-union-fittings      


arrow1  Brass Flare Tee                     arrow1  Brass Flare 90 DegreeElbow  

brass-flare-tee brass-flare-90-degree-elbow



-Mechanical Components > Fasteners and Hardware
-Mechanical Components > Industrial Tools
-Mechanical Components > Screws, Bolts and Nuts

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Brass Fasteners


Brass Fasteners :

We manufacture all types of Brass Fasteners like Brass AnchorsBrass NutsBrass Bolts,Brass ScrewsBrass RivetsBrass Stud which are available in various size and shapes as per custom design and requirements.


arrow1  Brass Anchors                               arrow1  Brass Nuts

Brass Anchors                      Brass Nuts

arrow1  Brass Bolts                                     arrow1  Brass Screws                                                  

Brass Bolts                      Brass Screws

arrow1  Brass Rivets                              arrow1  Brass Stud 

brass-rivets                      brass-stud  



-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Injection Molding
-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Electrical, Optical, and Specialty Materials
-Mechanical Components > Fasteners and Hardware

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Brass Anchors



Brass Anchors :

One of the known manufacturerexportersupplier of Brass Anchors located in jamnagar, India.Our products includes - Brass Concrete AnchorsBrass Knurling AnchorsBrass Pool AnchorsBrass Sleeve AnchorsBrass Spring AnchorsBrass Anchor With ThreadBrass Drop AnchorBrass Plain AnchorsBrass Round Stud AnchorsBrass Slotted Anchors,Brass Wedge AnchorsBrass Expansion Anchors.



arrow1  Brass Slotted Anchors      arrow1  Pool Cover Brass Anchors

 brass-slotted-anchors-1        brass-pool-cover-anchor-1


arrow1  Drop In Brass Anchors         arrow1  Brass Wood Anchors

brass-drop-in-anchorsbrass wood anchors


arrow1  Brass Anchor fasteners

brass anchors fasteners



-Electrical and Electronic Components > Connectors
-Electrical and Electronic Components > Fasteners and Hardware
-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Pneumatic Equipment

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Brass Sanitary Fittings

Brass Sanitary Fittings

We are offering an excellent quality of Brass Sanitary Fittings like Brass Inserts for PPR FittingsBrass Inserts for CPVC FittingsBrass NippleExtension Piece3 PC Connector,Reducing Hex BushBrass Waste Complete setExtension Reducer etc. to our clients available in various sizes and shapes.

arrow1 Brass Inserts For PPR Fittings  

Brass Male-Female Inserts for PPR Fittings                

 arrow1 Brass Inserts For CPVC Fittings  


arrow1  Brass Nipple   

brass nipple  

arrow1  Extension Piece


arrow1 Brass 3 PC Connector        


arrow1 Reducing Hex Bush

Reducing Hex Bush 

arrow1  Brass Waste Complete Set     

Brass Waste Complete Set                

 arrow1  Extension Reducer 

Extension Reducer

arrow1  Brass Union Fittings  

Brass Union Fittings                 

arrow1  Elbow


arrow1  Brass Tee Elbow     

Tee Elbow            

arrow1 Male Female Gas Connector

Male and Female Gas Connector  

arrow1  Set For Flexible Tube

Set for Flexible Tube                         


-Industrial Computers and Components > Connectors
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Castings
-Manufacturing , Processing and Tooling > Forging

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