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Pie Consulting & Engineering is an internationally recognized forensic engineering and consulting firm. Our professional staff of engineers and consultants has been built upon knowledge, experience and education in many specialized fields. Because every project is different, our diverse staff of engineers and consultants enables Pie to provide you with a comprehensive array of expertise to meet your specific challenges and needs.

  • Property Damage Scope & Cost Analysis
  • Large Loss - Catastrophe Response Engineering Support
  • Structural Analysis
  • Roof Evaluation and Testing
  • Vehicle Collision Reconstruction and Analysis
  • Product and Material Failure Evaluation
  • Laboratory and Field Testing
  • Building Science - Water Intrusion
  • Electrical, Mechanical, Metallurgical Analysis
  • Fire Origin and Cause: Structural, Vehicle, Wildfire
  • Pyrotechnic “Firework” Accident Investigations
  • Water Intrusion Analysis
  • Injury Causation Analysis
  • Civil/Site Grading Analysis
  • Construction Compliance Analysis
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