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Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who designs and produces geological exploration equipments, coal bad methane equipments, engineering foundation equipments and horizontal directional pipe construction equipments as well as their drilling tools. It is one of the new and high tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province. The company covers an area of 190,000 square meters with 60,000 square meters building area. There are six hundred employees, more than one hundred technical persons and more than four hundred production equipments in the company. The company makes five main series consisting of more than 60 varieties of products.


Drilling rig is a machine to drill holes in the ground. It is also known as diamond core rig in general place. It is mainly used to the on-shore or off-shore oil well, water well or the exploration of natural gas. With concern to its structure, diamond core rig can be complicated and massive. It can also be light, small enough to be controlled only by one person. Drilling rig can be ported by mobile tools such as truck or trailer. Or it can be more permanent like the marine-based oil platform.

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HXY-8 Core Drilling Rig

The HXY-8 spindle type core drilling rig is hydraulic-fed equipped with hydraulic brake. And its hoister is in horizontal arrangement. It is mechanical transmission and spindle rotation.

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HYDX-6 Full Hydraulic Diamond Core Rig

This HYDX-6 hydraulic drilling rig is a new product made by Lianyungang Huanghai Machinery. It is a thoroughly new-typed drilling rig developed on the basis of the advanced techniques in the world. HYDX-6 is reasonable in design, excellent in performance, easy for operation and convenient for maintenance.
HYDX-6 hydraulic diamond core rig can be applied to both slant and vertical drilling. Being a rig equipped with diamond and the carbide alloy bit drilling, it can be used in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal mining, nuke industry and hydrology measuring. It is an outstanding China drill rig for BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ drilling.

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GM-20A Engineering Drilling Rig

The GM-20A engineering drilling rig (with drilling tower) incorporates the features of the rotary table drilling rig, the unit head drilling rig and the spindle drilling rig. It has strong torque and high drilling efficiency because of its ability to drill precisely. The range of its rotary speed is pretty wide. The engineering drilling rig can be hydraulically pressurized or depressurized to conduct the drilling. The hydro-cylinder lifting tower can work at very fast speed. By using the lifting tower, the reinforcement cage can be loaded directly.

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MD-750 CBM Drilling Rig

MD-750 CBM drill rig is a crawler type full hydraulic drilling rigs for coal bed methane drilling, with 3200m drill capacity. The MD-750 crawler coal bed methane drilling rig is a brand new multi-functional drilling rig with intellectual property right. It draws on our more than 40 years' experience of drilling rig R and D and manufacture. It is designed by combining the characteristics of our domestic coal bed methane drilling with the foreign advanced exploration idea and valuable experience. And the advices from its clients are received so that it is a coal bed methane drilling rig especially suitable for China's geological condition.

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