engineering fundamentals 1 Conex Brass Screws Bolts Nuts Brass fasteners

1 Conex Brass Screws Bolts Nuts Brass fasteners

We are one of the key players in the field of all kinds of Brass, Copper and Stainless Steel Screws and fasteners. Our range includes fasteners from 2mm to 25mm in diameter in various head types, threads and materials.We have latest cold forging machines, bolt formers,nutformers, CNC machining centers,



  • DIn 84 Brass Cheese head slotted screws Machine screws
  • Brass Pan head Screws DIN 85 machine screws
  • Brass CSK Slotted Wood screws
  • Brass Anchors Drop in anchors Pool Cover anchors
  • Spacers  Standoffs pillars male female
  • Cold forged screws Cold headed screws fasteners
  • Brass Althreads Full threaded rods Threaded studs
  • DIN 933 hex head Screws Hex bolts and set screws Brass bolts Nuts
  • Book Binding Screws posts
  • Thumb screws knurled head screws DIn 464 465
  • Metric Brass nuts lock nuts Brass Lock nuts DIn 439 DIn 934
  • Slotted Brass Wood Screws

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