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Dave Technical Services – A Short Profile

Engaged in manufacturing of Plastics & Packaging Machineries, Molds, Product Development and Production, since 1982 in Mumbai, INDIA

Winners of PLASTICON Awards 2005 for Innovative Plastics Processing Machinery and Received Recognition of Excellence in the category of Machinery for Package Conversion, Feb 2010 from IPMMI

We have been conducting training sessions as well visiting as Guest for training in EDP and other plastic industry and self Development programs by CIPET, SISI, SIES School of packaging, MCED, MITCON and other Government and Non Govt institutions 

Machines for training / demonstrations been supplied to CIPET (Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology) Bhopal, IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) Delhi & in Mumbai Centres, ICT (Institute of Chemical Technology) earlier UDCT, Mini Blow machine displayed at Nehru Centre, Mumbai by IPCL (now RIL - Reliance Industries Ltd) and has many other satisfied clients across the globe.

In our efforts to encourage Self Employment, Provide Business Opportunity for the weaker section of society and small Entrepreneurs, we have specially developed Mini Plastics Injection & Blow machine models which are Efficient, Economical and Convenient  for the common people to start and sustain own industry with very small capital

We have been publishing PLASTIC TECHNICAL HANDBOOK since 1994, which is well supported by plastic fraternity and serves as comprehensive reading material and reference book for Plastic industry and students. plastic_technical_handbook

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Blow Molding Machines from 0.5 - 3000 ML

Horizontal Blow models in Single/double station upto 5 litres

Mini Blow Models (100 & 200 ML)

Bottle Neck Cutting / Trimming Machine


Injection Molding Machines From 20 - 400 Grams Shot Capacities.

Vertical Injection Mini Model for Hand Mould and Fix Moulds Up to 80 Gms.

Injection models for Insert Molding application


Compact Mini Machines Models for:

Educational Demonstrations in Plastic polymer Colleges and Institutes,

Master-Batches sampling / testing,

ASTM specimen molding for plastic Testing laboratory

Machine for ENTREPRENEURS -start own industry with low capital investment & self employed


Fully Automatic Blow Form - Fill - Seal (FFS) Machine - provides complete    synchronization in forming of plastic product with arrangement for liquid filling (volumetric principle) & Sealing it. Machine offers Unique flexibility for the first time in India of producing 2 different products with different materials (LDPE, HDPE, and Polypropylene) having different shapes, size & thickness as required at same time on same machine.


Contact Parag Dave
Address Soni Compound, Churiwadi, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400063, INDIA
Country India
Telephone 91 22 29275639
 Showcase Products

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Plastic Bellows

Dave Technical Services offers wide range of Plastic Bellows in various width and sizes that are collapsible, rigid, semi rigid, soft and flexible for applications in:

Medical equipments (Nebulisers, Cathedral Tubes, Spirometer etc),

Automotive industry

Pharma machinery

Household and Industrial Appliances

Industrial applications and many others

Toys parts

We also offer corrugated pipes in different lengths and width.

We can offer Tailored made plastic Bellows, manufacture moulds as per design / samples provided & give production of the same.

 These plastic bellows are made from virgin LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, EVA, TPE, TPR and other modified polymer materials as per product requirements.


For your requirement of plastic bellows kindly contact us

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Plastic Products, Molds and custom production

Dave Technical Services offers wide range of Custom Made plastic products in various shapes & sizes to suit ones applications.

DTS provide complete solutions for your plastic products requirement from Concept, Design development to Molds development, Trail Runs, Product approvals, Production of the same to option of supply of entire Plant and Machinery at the clients place for self manufacturing.

We undertake new Tailored made Plastic product development, manufacture molds as per design/samples provided & give production of the same.

Our range includes plastic products from 0.5 mls like Bottles, Containers, Tubes, Droppers, pipettes, Bellows, Straws, Cyanoacrylates ( 0.5 Gms) and Glue bottles, Toy Parts, Floats, ice balls / packs, medical devices components, pharma, chemicals & Cosmetics packaging, laboratory equipments, disposables plastic products & other critical design plastic products.

The plastic products are made from LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, HIPS, EVA and others as per product requirements.

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Plastic Droppers, Pipettes & Labwares

Dave Technical Services offers wide range of Plastic Droppers / Pipettes in various shapes & sizes to suit various applications.

We undertake New Product Development (Tailored Made droppers, pipettes), manufacture Moulds as per design/samples provided & give production of the same.

These pipettes? & droppers find applications in Hospitals, Laboratories, Diagnostics kits ( HIV , Pregnency Test Kits) and allied fields.

These droppers, pipettes? are made from virgin Low Density Polythene (LDPE) material, which is food grade, approved by FDA and can be sterilized.

We also manufacture other plastic products, which can be tailored made as per your requirements.


PLASTIC DROPPER : New Concept / Development:


We have developed a plastic dropper in One piece in replacement of a conventional dropper with 2 piece assembly by ONE PIECE Plastic Dropper. ?


Convectional Dropper with Closures over glass bottle has a Rubber Top and Polystyrene base.

We also have developed unique bulb designs that provides better suction & despensing control than the rubber dropper.

The new design provides:
Better suction
replace 2 parts by 1piece
Eliminate the assembly of rubber to PS / Glass bottom
Easy dispensing
Considerable Cost Savings
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Plastic Straws

We at, Dave Technical Services have successfully developed Blow molded flexible, compressible Drinking Straws.

Straw extends when pulled and remain extended to working length. When pushed it shorten and remain in short position.

It can be bend in any direction and it retains that position.

The Straw with inbuilt Whistle which blows when air is blown in the straw also available.

Straws can be developed as per the length and diameters required.

These STRAWS find application in Sipper Glasses, plastic Cups, waterbottles, Cafe and restaurants, and other chains like Mcdonald, Cafe coffee Day etc.

 These STRAWS find application in Sipper Glasses, plastic Cups, waterbottles, Cafe and restaurants, and other chains like Mcdonald, Cafe coffee Day etc.

The straw can also be offered as free gift with the name of company embossed on it or FLAG or other article ( Face of cartoon, animals etc) attached to it which will be retained for longer duration by childrens.


We welcome your innovative ideas / concepts for tailored made product developments and can offer the products and / or complete manufacturing facilities as per your requirements.

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Compact Blow And Injection Molding machine - Mini Models

Mini Blow Features:

  • Fully Auto with Semi & Manual Cycles Options - Simple (easy) Operations?

  • Fully Pneumatic (No Motor in the machine) works on Air Compressor - provides considerable power savings

  • Compact Design (Space saving), precise performance and robust construction   

  • Variable weight Adjustment in Head - Quick Mould Changes

  • Fitted with Universal platen - accommodates bigger volume molds providing flexibility of producing Wide product range on same machine (0.5 ml - 200 mls)

  • Operates on Single & Three (3) phase – Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Rural area installation, Industry development.

?Mini Blow Machine is suitable to start own unit with benefit of low initial investment and low working capital

DTS offers compact Mini Blow Machine in 50, 100 and 200 mls models which can process polymers like LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PS, HIPS, EVA etc.


Mini Injection Molding Features:

The machine best suited for:  

  • Commercial production of Hand  molds
  • Educational Demonstrations in plastic polymer Colleges and Institute
  • Molding of ASTM Specimen Samples for plastic Testing laboratory
  • Replacement of conventional Hand molding machine

  • Eliminates vigorous tiring labor and Rejections involved in Hand Molding machine

  • Operates on – single / 3 phase. Provides considerable Power savings, Low cost of Production

  • Affordable and Low cost Moulds – supports small quantity, dissimilar part production

    Consistent Part Quality, small parts on multi cavity mould

  • Suitable for operation in rural areas promoting Self Employment and support Poverty Eradication

  • Low initial capital investment and working capital

    Most appropriate for Entrepreneurs




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