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Huaxing Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. has been dedicating to develop and manufacture flexible metal hoses with consistently high quality since its foundation in 1999. Over the past years, the quantities of sale are increasing linear upward trend year by year both at home and abroad. we are constantly improving the quality and after-sale services and create a win-win treatment with our each customer.


Huaxing Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flexible metal hoses. Flexible metal hoses come in stainless steel 304, 321, 316L, bronze or monel. They are fabricated in annual or helical profiles with standard or closer pitches for various flexibility requirements. Flexible metal hoses are mainly used in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, water treatment factory and other fields.


Huaxing metal hose company has set up complete procedures for manufacturing and testing. To ensure high quality, raw material is vital. We've found a trusted relationship with large vendors whose raw materials are traceable and verified. We promise that all the products from our company is 100% inspected and meet the quality requirements.


Our quality motto is – Always give customers more than they expect – which is deeply engraved in our people's hearts. The quality of our products is the direct reflection of our company and our team. 
To be an opposite number of giant corporations in flexible metal hoses, we are always stepping forward:

  • Supply first-class products and considerate after service
  • Maintaining zero defects in manufacturing and distributing our flexible hoses
  • Provide diverse trainings and create a comfortable environment for our people
  • Make every employee understand that quality speaker louder than quantity



Huaxing Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of flexible metal hoses, medium and high pressure, stainless steel 304, 321 and 316l, bronze, Monel, braided or unbraided.

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High Pressure Flexible Hose


Stainless steel braids added to corrugated metal hoses significantly improve the pressure that the hose can withstand. High pressure flexible hose are usually single or double braided for higher pressure capabilities. Its corrugated bore can be T321 in annular construction, while the braided layers use 304. Standard pitch (close pitch) is designed for great flexibility.

High pressure braided hoses are capable of withstanding extraordinarily high temperature and pressure applications, such as hydraulic systems.

Product description:

  • Corrugated hose - T321 or as required
  • Braid: 1 or 2 layers, 304 or as required
  • Construction: annular
  • Working pressure: From full vacuum to 3250 psi (224 bar) depending on size
  • working temperature: From cryogenic to 1500? (816?)

Note: The data below are based on 70?. Pressure will decrease as the ambient temperature increases. Consult the Derating Factor between Temperature and Pressure  for the right hose.


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Super Flexible Braided Hose


Super flexible braided hose are often found in manifold systems, liquefied petroleum gas loading vapor systems, rotary union connections and other applications. Flexible metal hose is employed when the extreme temperatures and pressures, corrosive medias exceed the capabilities of silicone, synthetic rubber or plastic hoses.

Super flexible braided hoses are available in austenitic stainless steel T321, T316L. To achieve greater flexibility and not to thin the wall thickness, the number of corrugations per foot should be added. Super flexible metal hoses not only have extraordinary flexibility, but also have long cycling life.

Product description:

  • Material: stainless steel T321, T316L
  • Construction: annular and helical
  • Braid: unbraid, one braid and two braid (only for 1 - 1/4”, 1 - 1/2” and 2”)
  • Working temperature: up to 1250? (677?)
  • Working pressure: up to 1825 psig
  • Package: up to 500 feet per reel


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Flexible Stainless Helical Hose


Helical hose is fabricated in a continuous spiral corrugation and has a unique property of self-draining. It can be designed with standard pitch, open pitch and super flex for different requirements of flexibility. Corrugated hose and reinforcement are available in stainless steel 304, 321, 316L.

This flexible braided hose is adequate to sever hydraulic applications with its wide range of working temperatures from cryogenic to 1500?and high working pressure up to 3625psig (250bar).

Flexible stainless helical hose provides three types - unbraided, single braided, and double braided. All the data in the table below are all tested at 70?. Please consult temperature correction table for practical applications.


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Medium Pressure Flexible Hose


Medium pressure flexible hoses are single or double braided. The maximum working pressure of this medium pressure series ranges from full vacuum to 3190 psig depending on size and braid construction. The corrugated bore in annular form is available in T321 and T316L, while the reinforcement uses T304 or T321. 
T321 has an excellent temperature property for its addition content of Titanium. While, T316L contains 2% -3% molybdenum, which improves corrosion resistance from chlorides like sea water. So, T312 is suitable for extraordinary high temperatures while T316L is the optimum choice for corrosive environment.

Product description: 

  • Material: Stainless steel T321, T316L
  • Corrugation: Annular
  • Braid: single braided and double braided, T304 or T321
  • Max working pressure at 70?: 3190 psig
  • Max working temperature: 1250? (677?)

Package: Corrugated metal hose is packaged in reels for easy handling and saving storage space.

Note: SFH0 – Unbraided; SFH1 – one-braid; SFH2 – two-braid.


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Ultra Heavy Wall Braided Hose


Ultra heavy wall braided hose is available in stainless steel T321 and T316L in annular construction. Heavy wall flexible hoses are strongly recommended for high pressure applications where require long cycling life accompanied with great flexibility.

Unbraided, single and double braided hoses are at stock. Unbraided corrugated hose is sufficient for vacuum applications without requirement of inside pressure. Braided hose are designed for providing protection from high pressure of outer space.

T321 and T316 share some common properties, such as maintaining good performance at extreme temperatures up to 1500? (815?). However, as to corrosive resistance, especially for chlorine environments, T316 should be the premier choice.

Product description:

  • Material: T321, T316L
  • Size: 1/4” - 12”
  • Construction: Annular
  • Max working pressure: up to 4500 psig depending on size and braid
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 1500? (815?)


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