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Honesty industrial hose Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacture of all kinds of industrial hoses used for any applications to meet customers' demand. The industrial hoses are a kind of flexible hoses, which are used in various industries. The materials of hoses are usually made of PVC, PUR, NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, CR, Si, UPE or XLPE.

Wide range industrial hoses and applications

We have a wide range of industrial hoses products: chemical hose used for chemical service, food hose that used for beverage, foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry, material handling hoses used for material suction and discharge, petroleum hose that used for transmission petroleum and oil, steam hoses which used to handling hot water and steam and also our featured flexible composite hoses used for high pressure transmission on the land or in ocean.


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Industrial Hose


Industrial hose is also known as industrial rubber hose. It’s one hose that used as connector in all kinds of equipment for industries. Compared to hard hoses, industrial hoses have the excellent flexible and bending features.

Industrial hose is used in the more complex, even worse operating environment than civilian hose. And the equipment also has more demanding requirements to hose, so the industrial hoses has the strict specification and standard from the design, material choice, to the production, transportation and even the ultimate storage.

Industrial hoses are available in wider range of size option, vast range of pressure and temperature and higher chemical resistance.


-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Metals and Alloys

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Water Hose


This kind of water hose is made of the material of EPDM and can be worked in the pressure of 20bar.


Water hose made of EPDM material

Three layer construction:

Inner layer: black and smooth EPDM with electrical conductivity

Reinforcement: textile spiral construction (inner diameter is more than 25mm wrapped)

Outer layer: black and smooth material of EPDM, electrically conductive, resistant to ozone and atmosphere effects

Operating temperature: -40 to 95°C, the max can up to 110°C

Safety factor: 4:1


-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Manifolds and Modules

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Flexible Hoses


Characteristics: good performance to resist organic alcohol, constructed rapidly, cost saving.

Product performance:

Specification: 17-50mm

Safety factor: 2

Working temperature: -50 to 80°C

Working pressure: not over than 48Mpa

Product structure: consisted by core hose, enhancement layer (fiber reinforcement, steel wire reinforcement), and external protective layer.


-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Manifolds and Modules

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Air Hose

Air brake hoses are suitable for air braking systems of a variety of vehicles, such as buses, automobiles, and trucks. Using the air hose can slow down your car at a rapid speed to avoid horrible accidents. They can withstand in -40°C to 100°C and have features of oil, weather and ozone resistance, lower inner volume expansion, flexibility and kink resistance. There are two kinds for 2 spiral and 4 spiral structures.

-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Manifolds and Modules

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Steam Hose

Industrial steam hose is suitable for handling saturated steam and superheated steam continuously below the temperature of 150°C or intermittent conveying below the temperature of 160°C. The steam hoses designed by us are made of rubber and there is wire braid as reinforcement layers, which is heat resistant and high temperature resistant.

Steam hose applications:

suitable for steam cleaning, steam hammer, vulcanizing machines, injection molding machines and hot pressing equipment in all fields of industry.

-Hydraulic and Pneumatic > Manifolds and Modules

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