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CON has been an important supplier of rubber roller in China, and its customers have a wide distribution, including North America, Europe, South Africa and other regions. Broad reputation and recognition have brought vigorous development to our company. We will keep innovating and developing new and excellent products to meet with various requirements.


What types of rubber rollers are manufactured?


OUr company has built a whole range of rubble rollers which have been served in a great number of fields, such as textile, paper, construction, mining, metallurgy and graphic industry.


According to different surfaces, they can be roughly grouped into grooved and smooth by surfaces. Grooved shapes can be diamond, straight or spiral or as required to satisfy practical applications.



Rubber Roller Company commits itself to customized rubber rollers widely used in printing, textile, mining, metallurgy to solve all problems.

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Impact Roller

Impact roller, a kind of rubber-coated conveyor roller, mainly consists of steer axle, impact discs coated by natural rubber and support rings which prevents discs slide. Rubber disc is manufactured by black rubber which has excellence elasticity, weather and wears resistance. Conveyor impact roller is designed for absorbing loads and reduces damage and breakdown of the material to be transported. It is often be found in mines, metallurgy, power, machinery, construction and other related industries.

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Rice Rubber Roller


Rice rubber rollers are widely used in rice processing Rice rubber rollers in white NBR and aluminum drum

Rice rubber rollers are designed to remove husk from brown rice. Two rubber rolls installed in a huller. Untreated rice passes through different rolling directions of rubber rollers, and then husked rice and rice are produced. They are indispensable parts of efficient hulling machine as it yields minimum broken or cracked grain.


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Expander Roller


Expand roller or banana roller whose appearance is similar to banana, is composed of an arc shaft and an abrasion-proof rubber sleeve. It is extensively used in textile machines like calendars, dyeing, bleaching machines and drying ranges and so on. It is used for wrinkle prevention by lengthening and reducing highly tensile fibers such as tire cord sheets.


Expander roller can be coated by Nitrile, EPDM and Teflon, all of which have excellent resistance against oil, abrasion, aging and ozone. Thanks to its outstanding insulating property and resistance to elevated temperature, Teflon is ideal for special coating equipment.


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Offset Roller

Offset rollers play an important role in modern graphic industry, including web-offset and sheeted offset. To ensure high-quality output and long durability, high resistances to heat, abrasion, chemical solvents as well as dimensional stability are urgently required. In addition, printing rubber rollers here are available for both conventional oil inks and UV drying inks.

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Dampening Roller

Dampening rubber rollers have been used in offset printing for many years. It is a special hydrophilic rubber roller, for its coated rubber is soft and has good water suction capability. It is often found in sheet-fed offset, delta-system and rollers for newspaper printing.


To ensure its high performance, the hardness Sh A of the covered rubber ranges from 25 to 40 degree, and its unequalled chemical resistance ensures it won’t be damaged by solutions. The ceramic roller is especially used for its long hydrophilic ability and inertness against chemical solutions. 

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