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Criken Fiberglass Tape Company is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass tape and fiberglass fabric based in china. Our core business is wholesale and retail trade at domestic and foreign market.


Our main products cover fiberglass self-adhesive tape, fiberglass drywall joint tape, woven and non-woven tape, fiberglass reinforced cloth, fiberglass mesh for facade work, and fiber glass masking tape.


Fiberglass fabrics are mainly used for facade, wall and ceiling in plastering work to reinforce the building construction and prevent the formation of cracks. Fiberglass tapes are used to repair the cracking or gluing joints between the door and window frames to the walls. There is no cracking since the tape merges with the wallboard.


In addition, we also offer non-woven soft fiber glass fabric for wall covering and fiberglass mesh for road works.


For many years we have been providing quality products to our customers. Our main customers are the leading building construction company in the field of external insulation and internal plastering of wall and ceiling. As well as private individuals and commercial organizations.


Today our each employee is a qualified expert in this field. They are good at answering all the questions about fiber glass technology and use, helping to choose the products - advise on the basis of actual experience.



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Fiberglass Tape


Fiberglass tape for drywall repair is a kind of adhesive tape on the basis of glass fiber mesh coated with acrylic adhesive. It is recommended to strengthen the joints between gypsum boards to prevent cracking. This tape has a high level of adhesion to the gypsum boards.


Strengthening the joints between gypsum boards 

Hide and repair of defects and cracks in the plaster on the walls and ceilings


Single-sided adhesive tape for quick and easy application to the plasterboard walls, 

Reduces the number of water and air bubbles,

Robust and resistant to galling.


Base: mesh netting with a 100% glass fiber yarn woven 

Color: White 

Type of adhesive: acrylic 

Base thickness: 0.2 - 0.3 mm 

Width: 20mm, 40mm, 50mm

Length: 20m, 45m, 90m, 150m/roll

Weight: 50 g/m2 

Package: rolls

Storage: in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.


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Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape


Self-adhesive fiberglass cloth tape has a mesh structure and uniformly applied adhesive system. It is easy to attach it to any surface, and allows high-quality and fast operatio even to non-professionals. We can cut off a piece from a roll to required length, and paste it on the seam, just press it.

The special fiberglass tape is used to prevent the formation of cracks and surface hardening. It is used for gluing joints, corners, ceilings, gluing joints and places of contiguity.


the junction of gypsum board, particle board, hardboard and other sheet materials;

gluing joints between the door and window frames to the walls;

sizing of cracks, corners and joints in concrete, plaster surfaces;

for continuous reinforcement of walls and ceilings.

Note: before applying adhesive to prepare the surface. Surface preparation is to clean it from dust and dirt. If there is a need to make sanding.


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Fiberglass Drywall Joint Tape


Drywall joint self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape for drywall finishing repair cracks

Drywall joint woven mesh tape fiberglass used as backing material and coated with water - based adhesive for gypsum board repair works. It is extra strong grid of white fiberglass and cut into different width and length tape. It gives you the best solution for the wall problems like wall cracks, plasterboard joints, and wall holes, and it is the ideal material for dry wall and ceiling problems


It is widely used for finishing drywall repair cracks and joints or seams of drywall, plasterboard and other surfaces.

Gluing joints drywall, particle board and other sheet materials for sizing cracks, corners and joints of concrete surfaces for gluing the ground near the door and window frames to walls


Resistant to degradation and anti-corrosion.

good softness, high stickiness, easy use.

Self-adhesive tape for joints specifications:

Width: 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm

Length: 20m, 30m, 50m, 90m, 150m


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Non-woven Fiberglass Tape


Fiberglass non-woven tape has high strength. It is used to reinforce the joints between gypsum boards when installing drywall interior walls, and ceilings inside buildings, protection of cracks in the layer of putty.


Thickness 0.2mm

Width: 50mm

Length: 15m/roll, 30m/roll, 50m/roll, 100m/roll.


The non-woven fiberglass tape has thin thickness, and it allows you to smooth the seams with minimal difference in height between the seam and drywall.

Tips: After installation of gypsum board to the base, the seams between sheets of drywall plaster filled with putty. On a wet putty layer apply fiberglass tape and pressed it into the putty. The tape is applied to the center of the seam. Then, using a spatula to smooth the tape joining sheets of drywall.


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PTFE Fiberglass Fabrics and Adhesive Tape

Fiberglass coated polytetrafluoroethylene - PTFE on both sides and adhesive layer on one side.


Width: 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 20cm, 0.5m, 1m

Length: 50m/roll, 100m/roll


Operating temperature from -170°C to 260°C;

High tensile strength;

Resistant to steam, hot water and rainwater;

high chemical resistance, non-toxic;

High wear resistance, ease of cleaning,

Fire resistance, long service life.


Due to its unique properties, PTFE-glass fabric are widely used in almost all industries, especially in the packaging, food processing, textiles, clothing, wood, paint and varnish, as well as in the production of PVC products - windows and doors.

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