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Fence Post Spikes

You Can Buy Various High Quality Fence Post Spikes Products ,We are Fence Post Spikes Suppliers and Fence Post Factory. Fence posts can be embedded in concrete, bolted down or secured into specially designed metal spikes - this guide covers fence posts set onto metal spikes. Learn More about Fence Post Spikes before getting started.Building a fence doesn't change all that much if you decide to use post spikes.

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Fence Staples

We can also produce fence staple (U type nails).
Fence staples are used to fasten wire and fencing to fence posts, as a kind of type
Stanley Heavy Duty Staple
Pack of 13mm Fence Staples / Nails
Pack Size Measured By Weight - 150 grams is Approx 200 Nails
Galvanised - Rust Resistant Finish
'U' Shaped Staple Nail

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Euro Type T Post

We offer:
3' 14 Gauge Light Duty Green Post
4' 14 Gauge Light Duty Green Post
42" Heavy Duty Step-In Pigtail Fence Post
42" x 2.5" T-Post Driver
8' T-Rail Heavy Fence Post, less Clips
T-Post Puller, with Handle
6' T-Rail Heavy Fence Post

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Studded T-Post

Studded, galvanized T-Posts have a plate to ensure driving stability and post alignment. This specification covers steel studded T-posts manufactured from hot-wrought sections. Used for fencing of farm, garden and commercial or industrial sites. Steel Fence Post (T-Type). Studded T-Posts. Manufactured as per ASTM A702- 89 Specifications; Available in 0.75, 0.85, 1.05, 1.15 lb.ft. in lengths of 4' through.

Studded T- Post
Profile T-Post
Spade T-Posts

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Australia Type Y-Post

Australia Y type star fence post

material: low carbon steel , high quality Q235 steel rail.

Corrosion Form:

Bitumen coated black post
electro galvanized steel fence post
Hot-dip galv. steel fence post
PVC-coated steel fence post

Specifications Available:
Normal Weight: 2kgs, 3kgs, 2.2kgs per meter.
Length: 1.05m, 1.55m, 1.75m, 1.81m, 2.21m, 2.24m & 2.8m


15pcs/bundle, 410 or 210pcs/steel pallet

-Materials, Chemicals and Adhesives > Metals and Alloys

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